Simple pesto pasta

Homemade meals do not need to be time consuming. This fresh and tasty meal is one of my favourites and you can have it with all sorts of pasta. I love trying out different pasta shapes and flavours from white pasta to brown. I was very lucky at Christmas and received a food processor. The first thing I made was pesto! I had really missed being able to whip this one up. This recipe makes enough for 4 people but if you want to freeze half you can! Or you could make half instead. Or you might be cooking for 4….

pesto framed

Recipe (serves 4)

50g fresh basil

3 crushed garlic cloves

25g grated parmesan

25g pine nuts

8 tbsp. olive oil


food processor

pan for heating



  • It really is as simple as whizz up in a food processor and heat until warm!


Serve with pasta and grilled bacon. I also sometimes put fried mushrooms in it and serve with some salad. I love this recipe – fresh, healthy and tasty! What more could you want mid week?


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