These are a few of my favourite things….

I am slowly building up a kitchen full of useful tools and handy essentials to make my cooking a whole lot easier! I thought I would share with you what I use the most and this might give you some help if you are moving into a flat or starting a student life but don’t know what to buy.

All framed

This is my survival kit

Soup spoon – I use it to serve porridge, weigh out flour – makes less mess!


Wooden spoon – essential to cooking! This one is deep so I can serve with it too.


Measuring spoons – absolutely worth purchasing these! Cakes need to be accurate!


Balloon whisk – whisks are a lifesaver for whipping cream or getting lumps out of sauces.


Large metal spoons – useful for measuring ingredients and folding meringue.


Tongs – I LOVE these. I use them to serve pasta, vegetables and salad.


Spatula – this is so so useful. Good for scraping the bowl of cake mix and sauces.


Scissors – I cut up pizza with them, snip herbs for cooking – essential to my kitchen. It is also having scissors that are only for kitchen use!


Biscuit / pastry cutters – great for making biscuits and mini quiches.


Silicon pastry brush – so much better than wooden pastry brushes! Easier to clean and no one wants the brush hairs falling out into their food!


Grater – I love this hand held grater for grating cheese for the table when serving pasta.


Ice cream scoop – not just for ice cream! I measure out cupcake mix with it!


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