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I’ve been having my hair cut at Toni & Guy for years. People often ask where I get it cut and Toni&Guy are a gem in my book. I’ve had my hair cut there since I was at school (which was a number of years ago) and my usual hair dresser in Dorset is away travelling so I thought I would try out the Academy in London, seen as I have recently moved here! I also wanted to save a bit of money because let’s face it – London haircuts are astonishingly expensive! Why is that men can just get a cheap haircut and we all have to spend loads on our locks! Anyway, this hair cut was such a bargain at £5! It really was worth my research when finding a hair salon in London. It was just as good as a regular haircut in my book and at a fraction of the price. If you can spare the extra time and patience I really recommend this.


The Academy is basically a training school for Toni&Guy level hairdressing. A lot of the trainees are already hairdressers who have had multiple years cutting hair already. The techniques that Toni&Guy use are particular to them and the quality of finish is so lovely in my book. Because the trainees are taught the same way, you really get that reliable professional finish that you want.  The cut does take longer – up to 3 hours but the trainees get supervised and told what to do at every step of the cut. So you are well looked after! The hair dresser I normally have is now an Art Director but I have had her from when she was a trainee and she is fantastic even then. I think you still get a great cut when you are a model for training because they really do take the time to make sure everything is correct.


One thing I would say is to be a bit open-minded with the result you want. As it is a training centre, they do like to be creative and think of a style that would really suit you. So they will make suggestions to see if you would like to be more adventurous. What I mean is that they may suggest more layering or an addition of a fringe for example if they think that will suit you. They are only trying to use their creativity skills to get you the best hair cut so I would listen to their advice. That said, they will never force you to do anything you don’t want to do. I am going to be a bridesmaid in a few weeks so I wanted to keep my layers pretty long still so that it can still be braided into an up do if needed. They suggested shorter layers which I thought would work but maybe when I go another time and can be a bit more adventurous!


I loved my cut so much that I am going to go back next week to touch up my highlights. This will cost me another £25 which is so much cheaper than the normal hair dresser prices! Keep an eye on my Instagram @sophlaetitia for exclusive photos of this! Special thanks to Georgia to creating a lovely haircut for me at the Toni&Guy Academy.






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