June Favourites #1

I’ve been appreciating so many food and beauty products throughout June and so I thought I would break this post into two because there is just too much to chat about! I am really excited about my discoveries and hope you enjoy this post. I really love everything mentioned and they have added a little sparkle to my days.


Rude Health Honey & Nuts Granola

Rude Health is a great brand and they sell their products in lots of supermarkets. This granola has roasted hazelnuts, almonds, grains and honey. The whole thing is slow-baked with unrefined cane juice sugar – so a little healthier than refined sugars! It really is a top notch granola and super delicious. Lovely with yogurt for a healthier dessert or breakfast. I will be eating this in lots of other months I am sure of that!


Dorset Cereals Chocolate Granola

As you can guess I have been enjoying granola this month. I love Dorset Cereals and this granola is so yummy. It has macadamia nuts, oats, chocolate chips and almonds. Delicious. Probably not that healthy for you but everyone deserves a treat now and again. It is a glorified flapjack in pick and mix form. I love it with yogurt and fruit or sprinkled over ice cream. It also lasts a while if you add it to things. I am originally from Dorset and so I am also proud to represent my County!


Black cupcake cases

White lace cupcake covers  

Pink cupcake cases

I’ve been really into cupcake cases this month because I had to bake some cakes for my friend’s hen party. I picked up these bargains from Amazon and really love the lace covers – such a great idea to add an extra class to the cakes and make them more special for guests. I feel like these would be great for weddings too or any special event. Love them. They do take a little longer to ship because they come from Hong Kong but they are worth the wait! I love the black and pink cases placed inside the lace cover, so that the colour comes through and they could be baked in the simpler cases. I think the overall look is really elegant.


Anthropologie Hand painted Lucerne Measuring Cups

Anthropologie is a gorgeous shop. I could decorate my whole home and wear all the outfits from there. But that would be expensive! They had a sale and so I thought….. let’s take a look! I battled the rain, hail and wet water filled shoes to get this purchase home. The carrier bag was even disintegrating but I didn’t care because these cup measurements are so cute! I didn’t have any measuring device for cups and always had to end up converting the cups to grams scenario…. not very fun. But these were perfect! Not only are they beautiful but they are extremely practical! I felt like I didn’t need to justify my little splurge of just over £10 either (original price £32). Bargain! I think they will be perfect in my future baking adventures! I might even try out more American baking recipes now! Know any good ones?



What are your favourites at the moment?

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