Wedding celebrations

I don’t normally do lifestyle blogs on here but I really wanted to share, document and therefore remember this special day in which two of my friends got married. I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid and the whole day was so lovely! …..

It all started back in 2006 when our friendship formed and the married first became a couple. Since then, I have always known their wedding would be one to look forward to! I have been lucky enough to have been to several hen parties and weddings this year of close friends…. which have all been equally exciting in their own right but I have never been bridesmaid before so it was extra special for me.

All the bridesmaids stayed at the bride’s the night before and so we could all enjoy getting ready together on the wedding day! It felt like university again when we lived together – something I miss so much now. We all had a sophisticated breakfast of yogurt, fruit and granola. Then we had our hair done by professional stylists – such a treat! I don’t really enjoy doing my own hair and I always spend more time on makeup than it, so it was so lovely to have someone to sort it out for me. I knew I wanted some kind of braid style and the stylist worked her magic! I think she did a beautiful job! My hair has never looked so good up before!

I did my own makeup …. which I shamefully admit took about an hour!!! But I think it was worth it! I woke up with a spot on my chin to my absolute horror but I think I managed to cover it up with numerous layers of concealer. I then helped my friends add some makeup to finish their looks but they seemed to be good at doing most of it themselves. I have learnt that I am not the best at putting eyeliner on other people ha-ha!

The bride looked stunning and had her hair styled elegantly and makeup done by the makeup artists to make her even more beautiful. I think she could look good even in a bin liner but she looked extra special that day. Her wedding dress was absolutely gorgeous – princess like in fact! She made her own sash!! The back took a while to do up as there was not much time left over from the stylists but we got her in it!! The other bridesmaids did a great job tying the lace beautifully.

We were a little late but it didn’t matter because the wedding was still perfect! The speeches after were also so moving and just right. Although I was incredibly shattered, I really enjoyed being with my friends, enjoying great company, great food and just being there to celebrate this special day with them. Such a tasteful wedding and a lot of things I would probably do the same as we have quite similar styles! One of the highlights was the Cayleigh dancing during the reception. It is like a Scottish barn dance – so fun! I had a very long dress but it was OK because I took my shoes off and held it up!

I hope you enjoy the photos below that help demonstrate how lovely the occasion was.


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