July SourcedBox Review

If you read my blog you would have seen my reviews of the May and June SourcedBox so far. If you have not read them, do check them out for healthy snack ideas! This review is all my own opinions and I would like to add that I am not being paid for this and so it is a truly honest view of each box. Let me know in the comments if you want me to continue with this series and I will for as long as I can keep buying the box for?

If you are new to SourcedBox it is a monthly subscription of healthy snacks and includes lots of hidden treasures of brands that are carefully sourced for you to create some exciting snack alternatives. It was set up by Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart who are YouTubers. You get about 10 items in each box and the surprise of waiting for what new products you are going to be introduced to is so exciting!

Here are my thoughts on the July SourcedBox…..

Raw Cacao Orange Protein Bar – BodyMe

Chocolate and orange are always a winner with me and this protein bar is packed full of energising ingredients to aid a healthy diet. It contains ingredients such as cashews, dates, coconut, orange oil and cacao nibs, and it tastes amazing. The only thing I am not keen on is the texture as I would prefer something a little more solid. Really great for a post workout though for building muscle and for that post workout recovery.

Strawberry/Peach Crisps – Giving Tree

We received the Strawberry Crisps and this is my favourite thing in this week’s SourcedBox. I have had the Broccoli Crisps by Giving Tree before and enjoyed them as a snack in my afternoon tea routine. However, the strawberry crisps are just melt in the mouth and are perfect for the summer. They are so light too. I wasn’t quite expecting whole strawberries, as I imagined strawberry pieces but this worked really well and means they are packed full of more flavour. The crisps are freeze dried and that’s it! Sometimes simple is best. I would love to try the apple ones as Giving Tree do all sorts of flavours. They are also available from places like Ocado, Planet Organic or Holland & Barrett.

Inca Berry & Pumpkin Seed Flapjack – The Living Food Kitchen

I loved eating this flapjack. It was healthy, sweet from the coconut and dates, and gave me energy in my day. I love coconut and so would be interested to try their coconut flapjack too. They also do a cacao and date one. You can buy these snacks in stores like Planet Organic.

Lemon & Lime Energy Drink – Virtue

If you are looking for a drink that is sugar free, free from sweeteners, natural and is not artificial then this is the drink for you! The flavour was nothing special to me but I didn’t dislike it. This could be a great alternative to fizzy drinks in the day time and the taste and healthy factor can only make you feel good!

Seed and Nut Bar – Wild Trail

I wasn’t crazy on this bar as I am not a huge fan of seeds and juice in snack bars. However, my dad loved it! It is really just a personal preference. The ingredients include peanuts, raisins, oats, pumpkin seeds and apple juice. I think if there was less pumpkin seeds and apple juice in this, it would be perfect for me!

Rosemary & Thyme Pitta Crisps – Soffles

You can buy these from places like Amazon and BoroughBox. I was really impressed with them as they are so light and flavoursome. They also do other pitta flavours like chilli and garlic. Definitely a healthier savoury option to crisps!

Cacao Dusted Tiger Nuts – The Tiger Nut Company

I was really intrigued by this product. I thought they were nuts but they are not!! Think of coconut….not really a nut is it….. Instead, they are tubers of a the yellow nutsedge – a grass like plant. Doesn’t sound a very pleasant description but they are really tasty! The description makes sense as the texture is very similar to coconut to me, which I love. You can eat tiger nuts raw or bake with them in their ground form – an excellent alternative to flour! The Tiger Nut Company have added a beautiful cinnamon, vanilla and cacao dusted coating to the raw “nut” to make them taste incredible. So worth trying out! They are also high in iron, potassium, magnesium and vitamins C and E.

Tamari Roasted Soya with Chilli – Clearspring

So tasty. The soya and chilli coating reminds me of marmite and is so moreish. These roasted soya beans are packed with protein to aid a post workout but also to help vegetarians and vegans get more protein in their diets. I loved the taste and will definitely get these again.

Ooh-la-la Tea Biscuits Lemon & Ginger – Rhythm 108

First of all, the marketing on this product is so good! I love the name – it sounds fun. Also, the fact the brand is called Rhythm 108 makes me smile as I am musical myself. The best bit is the biscuits taste so good. They are really healthy too, containing ingredients like coconut oil, almonds, lemon zest, lemon oil, and gluten free flour. Dairy free, gluten free and packed full of fibre – what’s not to like? A definite guilt-free pleasure with my morning tea when I need a pick me up!

Beetroot & Horseradish Activated Crackers – SAF Raw

Not really a fan of these, not going to lie. I think it is because I only like horseradish in VERY small quantities and the thought of it in my cracker makes me want to run a mile. Also, I prefer fresh beetroot in salads. When I saw these in the SourcedBox I was a little concerned. But hopefully my boyfriend will eat them as he likes horseradish. This is purely because of my preferences and there is nothing really horrible about the crackers. In fact, if you like these flavours, this would be a great alternative to bread and other gluten products. Great for vegans too as it contains fantastic ingredients such as seeds, lemon juice, pink Himalayan salt and beetroot.

Good Berries – the Good guru

This was not on the “menu” but I think SourcedBox chucked this extra treat in to the July box for an added bonus. This was a welcome gift as it is freeze dried strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and cranberries. Perfect for topping yogurt on pancakes, adding to muesli, sprinkling on top of porridge and topping rice pudding with. I love it! Also check out the Good guru website for healthy tips on beating stress and looking after your body!


If you have had SourcedBox, I’d be really interested in what you thought of the products in the comments!

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