YSL Rouge Pur Coulture Review

Recently, I bought this special lipstick for a wedding and I loved it so much that I wanted to share it with you. The lipstick is from the Pur Coulture range by Yves Saint Laurent and I went for 10 – Beige Tribute. The lady helped me choose it – always recommend this as people are really helpful to offer that second opinion and give advice on shades to suit your skin tone.

The lipsticks are longer lasting and inspired by Monsieur Saint Laurent’s red, fuchsia and orange colour palette. The collection boasts so many stunning shades ranging from warmer orange and red tones to pinky and softer nudes. The lipstick I chose was a soft pinky nude and looked so dreamy when applied. They also contain a moisturising SPF 15 formula and this is such an added bonus for the summer months!

The colour payoff is really good without being too in your face. I am definitely a subtle kind of girl. The formula is long lasting – claims up to 6 hours online but I still reapplied frequently as I was eating and drinking at the wedding. I would say it lasts well though and I didn’t ever notice it fade too much when eating. The fade was also very even and so this was a big plus for me. You don’t want that look when you are half wearing makeup!

The texture is very creamy and the finish was radiant. I love a little shimmer in my lipsticks and the moisturising effect of it made me want to keep reapplying it! The formula is also not sticky at all and feels so light and luxurious. I love the shades in the collection – they are so elegant and special. Perfect for a special occasion like a wedding.

Before trying this YSL lipstick, I had heard great things about the range and I wasn’t disappointed when I purchased one. The packaging is also beautiful – a gold casing which is perfect for the handbag glamour. Overall, a beautiful and elegant product. I will definitely be trying out more of their range in the future!

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Coulture Pure Colour Lipstick in 10 – Beige Tribute



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