Week of blogs #7 August Favourites

It’s the last day of my blogging week! I thought I would round the week off with a favourites blog of all the things I enjoyed over August. Some are food and some are other things like places! I’ve had a great time during August. I feel like I’m getting myself back to where I would like to and that is really exciting! I hope people are noticing a difference in my positivity and silliness again!


Let’s get started….



The first thing I have been really appreciating again this month is being in London and making the most of all the cool opportunities here. For instance the other day I just walked to St Katherines Dock and strolled around to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge area. Such an amazing place to be and I am so lucky it is on my doorstep. I still have days where I am a bit nervous and overwhelmed by London but you can’t deny how great it is when London shines like this. I’m determined to get out more for walks and have been loving the BFG jam jar trail. I’ve spotted a few of them and I think it is so clever how London has things like that going on! I’ve also been on a tour at The Globe Theatre which I would totally recommend. I learnt lots of interesting facts about the theatre itself and the people that used to go to it in the past.



Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint Moisturizing Lip Colour Balms

I recently did a blog on these chubby sticks from Clinique and raved all about how moisturising and perfect for summer they really are. I have been loving using them on my lips instead of a lipstick when out and about or in the flat. I also love the colour of them on and they are a perfect summer low key lip.



Pana Chocolate Sour Cherry and Vanilla

Ever since my June Sourced Box I’ve been craving this chocolate. Whilst I have not been eating it every day throughout August it is always at the back of my mind haha! It is made from raw cacao and tastes incredible! It is also healthier as it is flavoured with natural sugars! I have also bought the orange chocolate one to try out in due course…



Iced Lattes

The weather has been so hot and I have been making the most of it! I have been really enjoy an iced latte on occasion. They are so refreshing and give you that buzz that you need in the afternoon. Perfect to accompany an afternoon of shopping or walk in the park with!



Tanya Burr Birthday Suit Eyeshadow Palette

I really wanted a smaller eye shadow palette to chuck in my travel makeup bag and this palette is beautiful. The shades are so neutral and the shimmer is so luxurious. The shades blend really well and build into a lovely makeup look.




I went to Brighton for a few days as a mini break and it was so so good. The sea air was incredibly relaxing and although the weather was up and down, it was still a lovely break. We went for strolls on the beach, explored the town, went to the Royal Pavilion, had delicious takeaways and tasted the most amazing ice cream. I had heard such great things about Boho Gelato who do flavoured ice cream such as carrot cake and it did not disappoint.

It is so lovely to just escape and explore new surroundings for a few days. Although I haven’t been abroad for a few years I didn’t miss it. There was no stress with planes, no Euros to get and the UK is so beautiful that why not explore places in it? I really want to make more of an effort to get to know different parts of the UK and appreciate it more.



The Outdoors

The weather has been amazing this year and I think we have had a fantastic summer. Because of this, I have really been trying to get outside at every opportunity. Whenever at my parents, I have really loved exploring their beautiful garden and doing a bit of work outside rather than being stuck indoors.



Borough Market

Borough Market is such a tourist hotspot in London and that is because the quality of the produce you get there is so so good. It might be a weird one to end with but I have been loving doughnuts!! I had always wanted to try these most incredible looking doughnuts at the Bake Ahead stall. And because I had walked there, I felt like I deserved it! They were so delicious! Me and my boyfriend shared a vanilla and a creme caramel one and they were really the best doughnuts I have ever tasted! I am not a doughnut addict but whenever I have one I like to get a really tasty one. These were stunningly filled to the brim with a light dough and batter. Mmmm.



That’s it folks! I have really enjoyed doing more blogs than usual this week. Let me know what you have liked and whether you want me to do this again! Thanks for reading and keep popping back for the next blogs to come…xx


Sign off

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