October SourcedBox

Healthy snacks that are also tasty are great to discover and SourcedBox provides a great way of doing this. The October box presented so many new gems to me that I would not have gone out and purchased of my own accord.

If you are new to SourcedBox it is a monthly subscription of healthy snacks and includes lots of hidden treasures of brands that are carefully sourced for you to create some exciting snack alternatives. It was set up by Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart who are YouTubers. You get about 10 items in each box and the surprise of waiting for what new products you are going to be introduced to is so exciting!

This is what the October box contained……

Hand Toasted Peanuts – Chika’s

These African sun dried nuts are hand roasted over wood fire. They definitely taste more premium than the normal peanut and feel a bit more special to eat. They are lightly salted to give them more taste. I enjoyed eating these and nuts are such a great food that is rich in protein.

Rawcha Cacao & Goji Organic Matcha Bar – Pretty Smart Food Co.

I was really excited to see this matcha tea flavoured bar in the goodie box. Matcha tea gives you energy from the caffeine but is so good for you too! It is high in antioxidants and enhances memory and concentration. The caffeine content is a lot less than coffee but its impact is more effective. It is perfect for a little pick me up during the day. I love matcha and this bar was truly delicious. Definitely be keeping my eye out for these bars!

Ginger + Spirulina Raw Bites – Bioglan Superfoods

I was a little frightened by these raw bites but they actually tasted quite sweet with hints of pear and sultanas as well as the fiery ginger. Ginger is great for digestion and the Spirulina Powder is a multivitamin. Overall, I liked these but I’m not sure I would buy these over other items in the box. I didn’t dislike them at all though!

Sparkling Cherry & Acai with Roobis – Cape Drinks

I really enjoyed this drink. It was like drinking a better Cherry Aid without all the horrible sugar. The acai berry also added a lovely sweetness to the drink. Overall, a tasty drink and nice alternative to tea and coffee.

Vanilla Choc Chop Protein Snack – Pulsin’

I haven’t enjoyed other Pulsin bars but this one was so yummy. It has changed my mind on protein bars! The cashews in this were lovely and the vanilla flavour worked well with the chocolate chips. Definitely a great pick me up snack when out and about.

Raw Chocolate – Loving Earth

I love raw chocolate and this Loving Earth bar was so delicious. The coconut sweetness made the bar velvety in texture and melt in the mouth. I would definitely have this over a refined sugar chocolate bar any day!

The Pumpkin – Rude Health

A nice little Halloween treat was this pumpkin bar. The sweet pumpkin was really tasty and again a great find by SourcedBox. I love Rude Health as a brand and they seem to get the flavours so right. The natural goodness from their ingredients list is so pleasing also.

Organic Tomato Pesto Popcorn – Nom

I normally find popcorn a bit too dry but this tomato and pesto version was so soft and flavoursome without being packed with salt and sugar. I loved the lightness to it and non-sticky feeling from eating it. I am not normally a savoury snacker but this I would definitely repurchase.

Beetroot Velvet Seed Toast – Science Kitchen

The seeds in this provided a nice texture to the sweet beetroot. The little “toasts” contained chia and sunflower seeds. They also had vanilla and coconut flavourings to compliment the beetroot. I felt these were a great product and excellent for dipping in hummus which is a lot healthier than crisps.

Chocolate Hazelnut Tea Biscuit – Rhythm 108

I have tried these biscuits before and so I knew I liked them beforehand. So I was excited to see these in here. They are the perfect healthier tea time biscuit and they taste just as good as a normal biscuit! They have no refined sugars and are gluten and dairy free – a great little treat!


Overall the star items for me in this box were: The Pumpkin – Rude Health; Raw Chocolate – Loving Earth; Rawcha Cacao & Goji Organic Matcha Bar – Pretty Smart Food Co.; Sparkling Cherry & Acai with Roobis – Cape Drinks; Organic Tomato Pesto Popcorn – Nom and Chocolate Hazelnut Tea Biscuit – Rhythm 108.


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