MaE Deli

I discovered the MaE Deli pretty recently. It is such a cute little place and the food is made from delicious natural ingredients. It was founded by married couple Ella Woodward (Deliciously Ella) and Matthew Mills. Ella Woodward has had so much success from her book and blog and is so inspirational. The two seem to work well as a team branding and managing this superb business.

There are a lot of great core values incorporated in the deli. For instance, the packaging used is recyclable or compostable. The foods are natural and they really celebrate variety and boosting energy levels so that you are fuelled for the day. I love the fact that they don’t use processed ingredients or refined sugar in their dishes. There are also no additives, preservatives or stabilisers and so you can really feel great about what you are eating!

The Deli is in Seymour Road in London which is very close to Oxford Street so a great healthy break away from shopping and a chance to refuel. The cute pastel blue painted exterior adds to its charm and it looks so welcoming from the outside. I can imagine it gets pretty busy as there was an enthusiastic queue on our arrival. The staff are all lovely though and really make you feel welcome whilst serving you efficiently.

When I went I wanted to try a medley of items so I shared food with my boyfriend. I’m glad we did as we got to try more and it was so yummy! We had one MaE lunch bowl and you can choose from various hot and cold dishes. We had some lovely items including: Squash & Broccoli Quinoa; Broad Bean and Cauliflower Falafel; and Charred Broccoli with Kohlrabi, Chillies and Black Beans. To finish, we munched a Cacao & Almond Energy Ball and a MaE Cake. All the food was just so delicious. It filled us up without it being too heavy and it was the perfect shopping accompaniment.

If you are in London and near Hyde Park and Oxford Street, why not check out MaE Deli? It is so great and it has such a friendly atmosphere there.  I really want to go for breakfast and try their acai bowl or pancakes. The Matcha Latte and Spiced Brown Rice & Orange Pudding both sound amazing too! I can’t wait to go again some time.


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