Stress and Anxiety

How to manage stress…

Stress and anxiety affects everyone at some point and it shakes some more than others. To me it is something that comes and goes but when it is bad I find these solutions really helpful.


Cleaning helps me declutter and so my mind is less cluttered. It also gives me time to think and have some “me” time in my head. It also gets the chores done!

Cute animals

Store some photos of cute animals on your phone and look through them when you feel sad/anxious. How can the cute faces not cheer you up? Visiting a pet shop also makes me smile and going to petting zoos are also a great idea!

Take a walk

Walking helps to clear the mind and reflect on things. It also acts as gentle exercise and this is good for getting rid of adrenalin.

Talk to someone

Don’t bottle things up. Emotions are good – we are not robots! You will find so many friends and family members willing to help and talking to someone helps you offload your worries.

If you are not going to worry about it later try not to give more than a few minutes on it

I heard about this technique from a Tanya Burr vlog and it really stuck. Spending longer than 5 minutes worrying about something that you will not care about in 5 years is such a waste of time. That said, a little cry is always helpful but once finished move on and look forward.

Rather than panic – slow down and find a solution

I’m so bad at this but if you know someone that calms you and can help with this get them to assist you. No one wants to see you get stressed about something. Be proactive and find a solution to the problem rather than getting caught up on it.

Try to think of something nice to offset the bad

Did something good happen to you recently? Use this to fuel you through.

Treat yourself to something – a tea, piece of chocolate, a hug?

Sometimes a little pick me up is all you need!

Do your favourite activity even if it’s for 10 minutes

Find something to look forward to. Plan to take a few minutes just for you during the day. For me, a pamper session or watching my favourite programme is such a treat!


This can really help people. I want to get better at this. These days there are loads of apps with super quick workouts. Find something you like such as yoga and Pilates (they are both relaxing activities). I really want to start Pilates again but I would like to go to a class if I can afford to soon. Classes I find are so useful – it schedules that time in and most importantly the professional instructors point out when you are not doing something right which is crucial to preventing injuries. There is only so far a DVD can take you unless you really know your stuff.

Play some music

This either helps change my mood or helps bring out the emotions and then puts them in a box. Make sure you find the right music though. Calming music can help but it also might make you too reflective. Choose something to suit you. Upbeat tracks in a major key can make you feel happy. Maybe a certain track reminds you of a great trip or experience? Make a playlist on your phone ready for these needed circumstances.

Try mindfulness

So many people swear by it. Mindfulness helps you close your emotions when difficult situations arise and makes you focus on the present moment. It helps you control your thoughts more effectively when needed. There are so many apps these days that help you try this out.

Cut out caffeine and get more sleep

The best thing to do is be refreshed. You are much more likely to perform at your best and more efficiently when well rested. And yes you will get more done and that extra bit of time in bed is worth it. If you can’t get up later, go to bed early even if it means missing a little TV.

Write your thoughts in a notebook

If you can’t sleep write all your thoughts in a notebook just before you go to bed. Then you have jotted them down and hopefully taken the worries away a little before the morning. My Gran always used to say that you can’t do anything about things whilst in bed so focus on them in the morning.

Find something to calm you – a hobby

I like playing the violin and also chilling out with a cosy TV programme. Reading also helps me take my mind off things. Find something to suit you and make it part of your routine.


What are your tips for coping with stress?








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