Homemade Gift Tags

The last few years have turned into a bit of a tradition in terms of making my own Christmas gift tags! Me and my mum have been getting into the habit of saving last year’s Christmas cards and recycling them into something special! So, I carried on the tradition this year and made some from my 2015 cards!

It is so easy to do and you can create all kinds of different shapes and designs. If I have a really great card to work from I try to follow the design shape and cut around that. For example, my super cute snowman gift tag was created by using the snowman’s silhouette as a guide. I also use biscuit cutters to draw and cut out shapes of other cards which had a fairly neutral design. I love the gingerbread men and the stars especially this year!

Finally, I hole punch my gift tags and thread through some delicate ribbon and Christmassy string to jazz them up a bit. You can use all sorts of ribbon and string and really go to town with bows if you want to! I also think pom poms glued onto the tags would look so cute!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I’m sure I’ll be continuing this tradition many Christmases to come and whenever I receive a really great Christmas card I get so excited and think “oooh that would make a great gift tag next year”! The tags really elevate a gift and create smart but unique looking finish to a present. I just love how personal you can make people’s presents with these tags and they are not something you can just go out and buy in the shops.




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