Reflections Of 2016

I don’t normally do many lifestyle posts on here but I really wanted to write this blog as I feel the last year has been such a rollercoaster for me. In fact, the last few years have been hard but I feel like I’m starting to get to where I want to be and on track with things! I thought it would be nice to look back on the last year and as this is my FIRST post of 2017 mention my aspirations for the New Year ahead. I hope you enjoy!


Two years ago, I was a trainee accountant. My life looked pretty rosy and I had a good income coming in. I also did a bit of violin teaching on the side. Things were good, but there was something missing for me. I never really enjoyed what I did and although I still enjoy aspects of accounts and loved the first firm I worked for, it just wasn’t me. A part of me does miss the bookkeeping and organising side of it and who knows maybe one day I will return to a small firm again but something wasn’t right.

I decided to leave accounts and focus on other things that I wanted to do. I tried lots of things and did volunteering and a couple of internships, all of which I enjoyed so much and gained so many new skills. Violin teaching was something I always kept up though and I picked up some violin teaching in London.

I moved to London. Coming from the south of England to a vibrant city was a bit of a culture shock but as my boyfriend lived here it was quite easy to just move up gradually.

I started my blog a little after completing my first marketing internship in London. Before this I was quite unaware of blogs and the blogging community. From the moment I started my blog I loved it and although I have had to learn things slowly I feel like I’m finally getting into a flow with it and that’s why I really wanted to do blogmas this year. I have loved feeling Christmassy whilst creating content on my blog and have been more adventurous with my topics and photos.


Aspirations For 2017…

So what now? I feel I am only just getting started on my blog and I have so many goals of 2017 that I want to achieve! Here’s my aspirations…

Rebuild My Blog Site

At the moment I have a free template for my blog and although this has worked so far I really want to redevelop my site and pay for a snazzy looking page. This is obviously an investment and I have been putting it off due to my perfectionism on finding the right template but I really feel this will make my blog look smarter and professional.

Buy A DSLR Camera

At the moment I use my iphone to take all my photographs and whilst I have been pleased with what I have been able to capture, I feel like there are so many different settings I would love to try out on my photos. I so edit my photos in Photoshop and  have become quite good at adapting my pictures now but I love features like blurry backgrounds to photos and that is really hard to create on a phone. I also think you can get some stunning photos which a much better camera. I obviously need to swot up on photography skills too but I am willing to work hard to do that! I also need to save up for a camera!

Have More Time To Read Other People’s Blogs

One thing I love to do is to find other people’s blogs and read the topics I am interested in. I love beauty, fashion, food and lifestyle posts. I just feel more part of the blogging community when I get time to appreciate other people’s content. It also inspires me to create more interesting ideas.

Do More Varied Blog Posts

When I first started my blog I only blogged about food and it was a way of creating an online portal of recipes. However, I feel the types of blogs I love to read include fashion, lifestyle and beauty too. I have a huge interest in these topics and so when I started incorporating them into my blogs this year I really loved writing them. Readers also liked them and so my aim of 2017 is to carry on with writing about what I am interested in. This does include food posts too so I will still be creating some recipe posts don’t you worry!

I hope you enjoyed this blog and have found it interesting finding out a little more about me! Please do let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions on the direction of my blog for 2017. What would you like to see on here? What do you enjoy reading?

Thanks for the support during the year and I hope you are having a great New Year’s Day!




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