My Top Travel Tips…

Trains, tubes, buses… we all have to get them at some point in our lives! For me, journeys can be quite stressful but during my experience travelling in London and to other places in the UK, I have picked up a lot of hacks along the way! I thought I’d share with you how I master travelling and my tips to success!


Wear a coat with pockets

Pockets are so handy for slipping that Oyster card and train ticket into! I whip out my Oyster card in no time and this makes going through the train barrier so quick! I like to have it to hand and get it ready when I am on the escalator approaching the tube exit.


Always stand to the right on an escalator unless you want to walk down on the left. This is the standard London procedure and if everyone did this, life would be smoother! Don’t be that annoying person standing on the left haha! Always leave at least 1 and preferably 2 steps between you and the person in front. I have learnt that some people can be slow leaving the escalator and this prevents going into the back of them when they check their phone as they reach the bottom. If they are looking particularly slow, leave even more!


Choose a direction and stick to it

I often get shoved about on tubes and walking at train stations. Be firm with your walking direction and stick to it. Be confident in your direction and people are more likely to not walk into you. This doesn’t always work but it does most of the time!

Listen to some music

I find tubes stressful when I have to squash up against someone unwillingly. Especially if they smell… I therefore find music helps me and I normally have my headphones in to keep me going until I need to get off at my stop!


Water and a snack

Water is essential. Keeping hydrated can give you more energy and keep your positivity up to get through that hectic trip. Always carry a bottle in your bag as you never know when there may be delays! Often trains are extortionate for drinks and it’s so easy to take some water yourself! A snack is also a great thing to have in case you need a bit of energy. I always carry an emergency Freddo in my handbag!

Antibacterial wipes and tissues

Public transport is riddled with germs and so I like to always make sure I am prepared. I love antibacterial wipes as they don’t dry out your hands as much as hand gel. Tissues are also a must!


Pack a book to read or add things to the reading list on your phone

I didn’t know until recently that I could add blogs and webpages to my “reading list” on my phone and view them offline. This is perfect for building up a pre-ready reading list and still being able to have something to read whilst underground. If you prefer a book take one in your bag and this will help take your mind off travelling.

Wear gloves when holding onto poles on tubes

If like me, you do not like germs then this one is for you! I wince every time someone coughs on me or sneezes without putting their hand over their mouth. I love wearing gloves on tubes. It can be hot underground but I would rather be cosy and warm instead of touching a pole someone who hasn’t washed their hands has also held! I am dreading summer when I can’t wear my gloves but I may start propping my arm around the pole then!

Do you have any travel tips?



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