January SourcedBox

The moment I receive my SourcedBox each month I get so excited. Not only are all the snacks so healthy, they normally taste amazing and it has made me discover so many new brands. I can’t recommend it enough! Me and my boyfriend share the box each month and so it doesn’t work out too expensive It is also great if you don’t like a snack as you only have to eat half (although this doesn’t happen too often…)! I kind of wished I had my own box when I really like the silky and rich chocolate they put inside certain months…. ha-ha!

If you are new to SourcedBox it is a monthly subscription of healthy snacks and includes lots of hidden treasures of brands that are carefully sourced for you to create some exciting snack alternatives. It was set up by YouTubers  Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart. You get about 10 items in each box and the surprise of waiting for what new products you are going to be introduced to is so exciting! I love discovering new brands and this is perfect for that!

If you are interested in SourcedBox and feel like trying it, you can use my referral link here! That will get you 15% off your first box which is an incentive to try it! You won’t be disappointed! Here’s what goodies were in this month’s box along with my honest opinions on what I enjoyed most and least…

Raw Cacao Orange Brownie – Squirrel Sisters

I wouldn’t call this a brownie but more of a soft delicious energy bar full of dates, cashew nuts, orange flavouring and cacao powder. It is indulgent and scrumptious and packed with protein which makes it great for keeping energy levels up and snacking after a workout. I love the fact it is made from raw ingredients to get the most out the nutrients as possible. Raw cacao is so yummy and it is the unprocessed form of cocoa which makes it extra good for us!


Beetroot and Parsnip Crisps – Nim’s

I wasn’t that keen on these. I thought I would like them because I love parsnip and beetroot but they were a little too savoury for me. Great though if you have a savoury tooth and they are the perfect way to get that crisp treat in the day without eating unhealthy versions. Vegetable crisps are becoming more and more popular and I love the thought of them. What is so great about this pack of crisps is that the ingredients are so transparent – 50% beetroot, 50% parsnip! No nasty additives!


Cacao, Goji Berries and Pistachio Popcorn – Nina’s Popcorn

This is seriously the most gourmet popcorn I’ve tried and I loved it! Cacao, goji berry and pistachio are great flavour combinations and it’s no surprise this popcorn tasted amazing! This is exactly the reason why I love SourcedBox and why it is so great to discover brands like this. Their other flavours also look amazing such as their sweet coconut, pink Himalayan salt and maca popcorn.


Peppermint Herbal Infusion Tea – Teapigs

I love Teapigs infusion teas and I have tried their peppermint tea before so I knew I would like this one. Teapigs always have their flavours spot on and their branding is gorgeous. You can get their teas in supermarkets and shops like Planet Organic. I love trying different teas as well as snacks.


Pure Mylk Raw Chocolate – Raw Halo

Wow, this chocolate bar was so luxurious and with no refined sugar and artificial sugars, this ticked all the boxes! We had it as our healthy dessert! The chocolate itself was melt in the mouth, silky soft. The packaging was so cute and chic too. I love the fact that vegans can also eat this and it is nice to find some luxury chocolate that can be indulged in healthily. Love this. You can get this in shops like Planet Organic or straight from Raw Halo’s website itself.


Moringa Energy Bar and Powder – Aduna

Aduna is such a lovely brand and I had really high hopes for this as I love their Baobab bar. However, I didn’t really enjoy this bar if I am being honest. I had high hopes as it contains great ingredients such as mango, cashew nuts, ginger and the superfood powder moringa. However, I found the combination a bit too overpowering. Maybe the powder version inside a smoothie would be better as moringa is a rich source of iron and magnesium which aid to reducing tiredness and fatigue. If you suffer from anemia, then this product is perfect for you!


Matcha Green Tea Mylk – Rebel Kitchen

I love the brand Rebel Kitchen and when I saw this Matcha Drink I was so excited as matcha lattes are a favourite of mine! This drink is delicious and great to have in your bag for that energy dip moment of the day. I love drinks on the go and they can be consumed whilst you are busy and can’t stop to eat lunch leisurely. This drink contains great ingredients such as coconut milk, date nectar and matcha green tea powder – perfect!


Apple & Raspberry Fruit Jerky – Snact

This little snack is so great for that sweet craving in the day, without resorting to processed sugar. The only ingredients are apples and raspberry puree! It honestly tastes amazing. The only problem I found is that it does get stuck in your teeth so maybe not one for the office!


Coconut, Cashew and Beetroot Porridge – Louola’s

I’m loving porridge at the moment and I am always after exciting flavours. This porridge is great for sweet toothed people liked me as the beetroot and coconut help to sweeten it. I love the addition of quinoa to mix and it is so yummy and nutritious.


Chilli and Garlic Olives – Oloves

Oloves are a lovely brand and I have tried their olives before. I love how juicy the olives are and because they are not soaked in vinegar, they have that great olive flavour. I used to think I didn’t enjoy olives that much until I tried these ones and now I love putting them in my salads. The chilli and garlic olives are so flavoursome and another great addition to this January’s SourcedBox (I think I just mentioned the word “olives” quite a few times ha-ha!)…


Overall, the January SourcedBox was full of little treasures. Some not to my taste but the majority I loved and I am certainly excited to get my next box in February!

Have you ever tried SourcedBox? What are your favourite snacks… sweet or savoury?

To get 15% off your first box, subscribe to SourcedBox using my referral link here!



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