What I Eat In A Day

I love seeing what other people eat during their day, especially for getting ideas of snacks and meals to try myself. Today I thought I would treat you to an insight into what I eat during a typical day. Obviously, every day is different and some days I will eat less, other days more. Hopefully this will give you some ideas into what to munch on when you are hungry! I’d love to hear what you eat too so feel free to leave comments on your “What I eat in a day”…. I have no idea if this is a good amount or not to eat but it works for me. I go by feeling full rather than counting calories.  I find I need to eat smaller and often meals as otherwise my energy levels drop. I did also walk for about 80 minutes fast paced across London with a violin on my back too so I needed food that would sustain that.


homemade granola with almond milk and fruit, water

For breakfast, I tend to have porridge or cereal at the moment. Some days I will have a bagel or something toasty but today I felt like granola with almond milk and fruit.  I had made a fresh batch of granola a couple of days ago and just love it so much! You can find the recipe here. It is a lot healthier than shop bought cereals as it doesn’t contain any refined sugar and is packed full of seeds and nuts. I also put cacao powder in it to make the milk go all chocolatey! Delicious!



large cup of tea with homemade coconut chips

I tend to need a snack during the morning after violin practise. I know you might laugh but I do feel like playing an instrument requires lots of energy. I guess I am moving about with the bowing but it also mentally drains you. I try to only have one cup of tea at the moment because of my anxiety and decided to have coconut chips with them. I had made these my toasting coconut flakes with coconut oil, coconut sugar and salt in the oven – yummy!



corned beef and cucumber roll with apple and peanut butter, water

I fancied corned beef in my roll today. Whilst I normally go for something vegetarian at lunch, this made a nice change. I also had sliced apple with peanut butter. I love this combination and often this is my go to snack when I want something healthy but tasty! The peanut butter I get is by Meridian and so doesn’t contain any additional sugar so it’s pretty healthy.



yogurt and water

I was teaching later on in the day and so that meant a late dinner at 8.30pm. Hence, I needed a snack to keep me going! The yogurt was perfect to give me that little energy boost before my long walk to teaching of 40 minutes there and back. I also drink water at every opportunity as I love it so much!



vegan aubergine, quinoa, chickpea and tahini medley from The Mindful Chef recipes

As I said earlier, I was late home and so my boyfriend kindly cooked for me. We were trying The Mindful Chef this week and had this delicious vegan dish. It was so yummy and I would completely recommend this is you are intrigued of what to make at home. You can also pick how many meals to order ingredients for. We may sign up again in the future it was so good!



ice cream and chocolate

I was still a little hungry after my busy admin and teaching day so we had a tiny bit of ice cream. We also had a Hotel Chocolat chocolate after to finish it off! Mmm.


I hope you liked having a sneak peek into what I eat and found it interesting. What are your favourite meals? Do you like trying a range a food like me?


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