March SourcedBox

It’s time for my monthly thoughts on SourcedBox. Let me know if you still enjoy these reviews! I really enjoy looking forward to my snack box subscription each month to see what new things Sourcedbox have found. It is so exciting to discover some new healthy treats.

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See what I thought of this month’s box below…


Raw Chocolate Nuts Bar | Pana Chocolate

If you read my blog you will know I LOVE Pana Chocolate bars. They are just so yummy and melt in the mouth. I love the fact they are made from natural ingredients too without any processed sugar! I hadn’t tried the nuts bar before and it was so delicious! You need to get your hands on this chocolate whenever you are in shops like Planet Organic.


Original Nutter Bar | Hangry Food Co.

From trying a Hangry Bar before I had high hopes for this… and I was not disappointed! It had the perfect mix of fruit, oats and nuts. The almonds, walnuts and cashews worked perfectly together and the texture and flavour was spot on. Love this!


Raw Chocolate Brownie | Yummy Scrummy

Wow! This was by far the best thing in the box! The velvet chocolate topping made this “brownie” even more decadent. I can’t believe this is made from raw cacao, nuts and fruity goodness. A real treat from SourcedBox.


Quinoa & Buckwheat Granola | Husk & Honey

It’s nice to have a breakfast cereal in the mix and I found this granola really tasty. It was quite fine which was lovely with milk or yogurt. The buckwheat gave a welcoming texture and flavour to the granola too!




Air Dried Pear Crisps | Spare Fruit

These were lovely as they are freeze dried pear thins. Although I prefer the apple ones it was nice to try their relative. I love the fact no added ingredients are used and they are still delicious.


Cacao, Chia & Blueberry Raw Bliss Balls | The Bondi Kitchen

I love energy balls but I find some shop ones can be a little dry. These however were moist and flavoursome. I love the unusual flavour combinations. Mulberries, blueberry, cashews, dates and almonds all worked so well together in these.



Tamari Roasted Sicilian Almonds | Clearspring

These almonds were so good! The tamari flavour reminded me of marmite and it made me really love the almonds even more. These are definitely going on my savoury snack list as they were scrumptious!



Munchies Fruit And Nut Bites – Apricot, Baobab & Tigernut | Raw Gorilla

I love the thought of nuts, seeds, superfoods and dried fruits all together but I just found these a little dry for my liking. I didn’t dislike them though. My boyfriend loved them so I think it really depends on your personal preference!


Sparkling Peach & Lychee Drink With Rooibos | Cape

I love it when SourcedBox include drinks I would have never purchased on my own. The rose, dandelion, burdock an aloe vera flavourings went so well against the Rooibos. This drink will make a perfect summertime beverage without rotting your teeth as it does not contain sugar! Love this!


Purple Tea | The London Tea Company

Purple tea sounded really appealing but I was worried that the taste wouldn’t reflect my expectations. I was wrong as the flavour was strong and delicious – exactly what I love in a tea. We even got a couple of cups out of the tea bag! I love the hibiscus flavouring to it and it looked really pretty!




Do you love Sourcedbox too? What are your favourite types of healthy snacks?

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