Trying Out My Beauty #3

If you follow my blog you would have seen me post a few “trying out my beauty” posts. I didn’t do one last month but I really missed it so I decided to find some more gems in my beauty stash to try in April. I love hoarding beauty products and forget what I have in my treasure box but these posts make me venture into the unknown and make me discover some great products! I totally recommend this if you are trying to save a bit of money and half the time you have some great products you had forgotten about anyway!

So, without further ado let’s get started!


Stila Perfect Me, Eye and Cheek Palette In Fair/Light

I bought palette this last year and used it quite a lot last summer but I had forgotten about it so I have put this into my everyday makeup bag so I remember to use it. It is great for travel as it has eyes and cheeks covered and the shades are so delicate for that softer makeup look I enjoy. The palette is also stunning so I will definitely be reaching for this regularly in April!



Bobbi Brown Brush Cleaning Spray

I bought this spray a while back spontaneously. The shopkeeper sold it to me by demonstrating the ease of using this for a quite top up clean in between thorough makeup brush cleaning. To be honest I haven’t used it because I just clean them properly each time instead. However, I thought let’s change this and make use of this gorgeous product. All you do is spray a little onto a piece of kitchen roll and swirl the brush in the formula until the brush is clean. I tried it today and it worked wonders! I won’t be replacing my cleaning routine but this is great for a mid-week top up which I will do from now on! I also think it would be great to take away on any trips where cleaning makeup brushes can be tricky! I love the gentle alcohol-free formula of this.


Liz Earle Cleanse And Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

I’ve heard so much hype about the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish but have never tried it! I treated myself to a discounted Liz Earle beauty box at Christmas and I think it’s time to try it! I usually just use my drugstore face wash to cleanse my face but I think April calls for something a bit more luxury! It is enriched with cocoa butter and calming ingredients such as chamomile so this sounds amazing. I can’t wait to remove any London grime and makeup with this product!


Ren Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask

I’ve recently become a fan of Ren and their global protection face cream. So, what better time to try their Evercalm mask? It’s designed for sensitive skin and sounds a perfect mask to pack some moisture into my skin. I love nourishing face masks so could this be my new go to? I am looking for a new face mask after all! It claims to strengthen the protective moisture barrier and help skin cope with stress – amazing!


Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

I’ve wanted to try this product for a while but I was trying to use up my other products first. I can’t wait any longer so I’m going to be adding this to my routine in April. I have already tried it and I love the refreshing peppermint flavour. It instantly wakes me up! The Beeswax sounds lovely and moisturising too. People rave about Burt’s Bees and I just love the brand. I also prefer lip balms in a stick form as I hate having to wash my hands after applying one from a pot.


Benefit Roller Lash Mascara In Brown

I normally wear a waterproof mascara by the brand Seventeen. However, after discovering they have stopped selling my go to mascara I thought I would be brave and try a new one. I’ve had this Benefit mascara in my box for a while now and opted for Brown for a more natural look. Let me tell you, I love this! Although it’s not waterproof, it doesn’t smudge as much as my waterproof mascara! And it makes my lashes look heavenly. I can see why bloggers love the curved applicator and I am sold.


Ultrasun Professional Protection Face Sun Protection

I’ve recently been concerned about making sure my face is protected from the sun to prevent any premature ageing. I received this face sun protection cream in my Beauty Advent Calendar last Christmas. I thought I would try it out now as we are getting more hours of sunlight a day at the moment. It is a tad greasy but it absorbs quickly and I can put up with that for piece of mind. I also love the fact it is geared towards sensitive skin.



Bioderma Sensibio BB Cream

This little sample came in an online order and it is a BB Cream that’s supposed to reduce redness. Sounds good to me. I do love a good BB cream so am looking forward to using this one. Have you used this product before?


Do you love shopping your beauty? What products have you tried from these? What products are you trialling this month and which are you excited about?


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