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For those of you that recognise my monthly SourcedBox reviews, you may know that I love discovering new healthy snacks to eat. I prefer to find things that contain natural ingredients and ones that aren’t packed full of unhealthy refined sugars. I just find these foods make me feel better, are just as yummy and give me more energy throughout the day. We were running low on snacks and whilst I sometimes make my own I fancied doing a mini “SourcedBox” of my own. Me and my boyfriend discovered this healthy shop called As Nature Intended and we found some great things to try. See what they were below….


Bakewell Tart Bar | Nakd

My boyfriend chose this item and I didn’t think I would like it that much but this was stunning! It really tasted like a Bakewell tart and yet it was made from healthy dates, cashews and raisins. We will definitely be getting this again!


Tamari Roasted Pumpkin Seeds | Clearspring

We love Clearspring tamari roasted snacks so we thought these would be good. They were yummy and another great find. The tamari tastes like a hint of marmite so if you like that sort of thing you will love these! Seeds are also great for you as they are packed full of protein. They are lovely to graze on with a cup of tea.


Mini Rice Thins | Rude Health

I’m not normally a huge fan of rice cakes as I find they squeak against my teeth! These rice thins were amazing though as they were crisper. They were a great addition on our picnic to munch after our roll. They aren’t too expensive either at around £1.00 and they are much healthier than a packet of crisps!


Cacao & Maca Bar | LoveRaw

I love cacao and maca is such a great natural sweetener for snack bars. I have enjoyed LoveRaw bars before and so I had high hopes for this. The taste lived up to expectations. I loved the texture of the cacao nibs inside the bar to give those hidden bursts of crunch against the soft texture of the date and nut blend.


Cinnamon & Raisin Bar | Organic Food

I love cinnamon and so I thought a bar based on cinnamon would be amazing. I liked this bar but it wasn’t memorable. Although I probably wouldn’t buy this one again as it was more expensive than other items I preferred, it was still pleasant to eat.


Organic Sparkling Elderflower | Whole Earth

I love Elderflower cordial but it is packed full of sugar. So, when I saw this drink I thought it would make a great alternative over the up and coming summer months when we want an occasional beverage treat. The taste was yummy and only natural sweeteners were in this product. I would love to try their other drinks too.


Organic Blissed Chocada Truffles | Raw Health

Talk about saving the best to last! Me and my boyfriend like the occasional chocolate treat in the evening and whilst we don’t gorge on lots all at once, it’s nice to find a healthier alternative for those not so treat evenings. These Blissed Truffles were incredible! You can even get them from Ocado so we have already ordered another packet! The taste is almost as indulgent as a chocolate truffle and yet the ingredients are dates, agave syrup, coconut oil and raw chocolate. You need to try these if you love a little treat in the evenings! They also do other flavours of healthy energy balls.


I loved sourcing some different snacks and choosing things I hadn’t tried before. It was fun to browse the shop and pick out some unknown items! There are so many choices in the shops so why not have more fun with your food shopping! If you are not near a healthy food store such as Planet Organic, Ocado and other supermarkets are actually starting to stock some great brands! So, there is always options! Obviously, my haul was not quite as exciting as my surprises in our SourcedBox subscription but having a little top up of snacks on months we need to is such a fun thing to do.

Do you enjoy shopping mystery snacks you haven’t tried before?

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