Summer Goals

I always like reading other people’s blogs about their goals and how they are planning to achieve them. I feel like there are so many things swirling around in my head at the moment and I feel writing them down on “paper” will really help me to achieve them! I’m not saying I will achieve all of these ideas but it’s at least something to aspire to and it helps me focus on what I need to do to make them happen. I hope you enjoy reading these types of posts as much as I do…



Launch My New Blog Site

Some people will already know that I have been working on vamping up this blog and I have already started the process by getting the domain name, blog template and other web necessities (let me know if you would like me to write a blog on this as I feel it is an area not covered much in the blogging industry on how people go about setting up an actual website). I have started setting up my blog but there are still things I need to do to finish the job! It is much more of a complex process than I envisaged and there are things such as coding and layout choices that have taken more time. I am lucky that my computer geeky boyfriend is helping me sort out all the complex stuff and without him I think I would be even further from launching my site. With all the bank holidays and the fact I work Saturdays, we have found it hard to complete everything. But I am determined to finally get it launched! Watch this space!

Family And Friends

I mentioned this on my Insta Stories about the importance of seeing family. There never seems to be enough time during the week but even if is a day trip here and there I really want to try and visit people I haven’t seen in ages. I have relatives in Ireland for instance and yet I have never been to the Country itself. They always come over here to visit instead. I also want to prioritise people that have helped me through difficult times such as my career change and let the other people make effort with me for a change.




Do More Fashion Posts On My Blog

I love doing outfit posts but unfortunately the lack of time to take photos has meant a silence of them on my blog recently. I think all the bank holidays and extra life admin has made it difficult. I am determined to make it happen even if I have to be creative about who shoots my photos. My boyfriend normally takes my photos but I feel bad asking on our only day off together. And the cleaning and other home chores need to get done to. Hopefully the next few weekends I will be in London and so I can try and plan some outfits to shoot.

Work With More Brands

I’m hoping that when my new website is launched and it looks more professional I will have more confidence to approach brands and work with companies I love the products of. I am not necessary talking big brands as smaller ones can be hidden treasures and great also. I have however turned down opportunities due to them not being the right fit with my blog and I think this is important when only writing about things that I would not hesitate to recommend.




Meet Up With More Bloggers

I loved going to BlogConLDN and met some great people there. I would love to catch up with them again. I also want to attend blogger meet ups and meet other like-minded people. You never know there might be ways to collaborate with others and help each other create more inspiring content! I also want to set aside more time to comment on people’s blogs. Some blogs I read and never comment because I am often reading them sat on a train from my offline phone reading list and without internet signal. And then I forget to comment when I am home. I really want to set aside actual blog reading time as I think it is important to support other bloggers that I love to read posts by.

Move Flat

At the moment we live in a busy part of Central London and whilst this is very convenient I am finding I am getting claustrophobic and stressed with the travel to my violin teaching commitments. We are thinking of moving to South West London where there are still amenities but a little less crowdedness. What can I say, I am a quiet gal at heart.




Be More Creative With My Photography

Whether it be a getting inspired on Instagram/Pinterest surfing or going on a photography course I really want to learn more photography skills. I might even consider investing in a tripod or lights but to be honest I think the most important thing is learning the camera. I have never really sat down and gone through the various qualities my camera has and I have just been shooting photos to keep up with my blogging schedule. But I think even if I have to write some shorter blogs and include less photos, getting them better is more important.

Get Back Into Pilates

For those that know me will be aware of my continuous problem with one of my knees. I had physio on it a while back and whilst it improved it never fully got better. I used to do Pilates and this is a great form of stretching and strengthening the body. I really want to get back into it, whether it be doing my own exercises at home or going back to a class. I am also tempted to go back to a physio and ask what I can do to help combat my knee problem. Haha I sound like a granny but if I can get it back to normal I would be ecstatic. It will make my life so much easier, especially carrying my violin and teaching materials across London.




What are your summer goals? Do you have aspirations you would like to achieve soon?


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