Instagram… Life Behind The Lens

When we look at an Instagram snap we immediately see all the good in someone else’s presented life. The truth is it’s not all that rosy. Behind your favourite Instagrammer are problems similar to your own but they just don’t choose to share that with you… so it all looks perfect. Life behind the lens can be very different. People quite rightly want to present their life in a positive light. Even the top bloggers have things going on in their lives.


I’m writing this blog post after a hard week. Probably not in comparison to some people’s weeks but things such as my car wing mirror being knocked off with no one to own up about it was not that great. I guess we all have troubles whether big or small and it’s important to remember you aren’t alone and things can get better. It’s so quick to forget about other people’s worries and I hope this is some comfort that there are other people just as down as you. Seek happiness from others and help other people in return.



It can be so easy to resent others for their success but we actually need to be celebrating it and then in return our successes will feel great too. Spreading happiness is such a key to being positive and mindful. So, let’s celebrate that perfect Instagram shot but remember that everyone has worries and not to compare that ideal image to yourself… because it’s not the full picture.




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