What I Eat In A Day 2

It’s time for another “What I eat in a day” post and this time it’s a bit different as I went out for lunch so you can see what I eat when I’m with friends. I hope you enjoy this post! I always love being nosey and seeing what people eat. It also gives me ideas for snacks and meals. You can see my first one of these blogs here to see what I ate on a typical day whilst at home and out violin teaching. For now, let’s get back to this one!


Homemade granola with almond milk and fruit, water, tea

I sound like a broken record (because I ate this exact same breakfast in my first blog) but I just happened to have this to start my day when my friend was staying. I love making my homemade granola recipe and it really is a healthy but yummy way to start the day. You can check out my recipe here if you like! I was very sleepy that morning so decided to have a tea to perk me up a little. I also drink water at every opportunity (I am a bit of a camel) so water is a meal essential for me too.



Middle Eastern Bowl at Farmacy, Maca Latte, water

Farmacy is one of my favourite foodie hang outs in London and I wanted to take my friend there for her birthday. We caught the tube to trendy Notting Hill and walked through the idyllic picturesque neighbourhood (#goals). It was just before 12pm which by the way is the BEST time to go before the lunchtime rush. It was relaxing and peaceful and we had a choice of plenty of tables. I chose a Middle Eastern Bowl which had lots of yummy items….. steamed buckwheat, baba ganoush, spirulina hummus, sprouted tabbouleh, sweet potato falafels, pickled beetroot topped with sprouts and za’atar crackers. My friend had a millet, black bean & mushroom burger served with garlic aioli, goji ketchup, avocado, pickles, tomato & potato chips served in a wholemeal vegan bun. We both also had a Maca Latte which is flavoured with Maca powder – a sweet superfood rich in iron, calcium, zinc and fibre. It was so yummy and tasted like a malt drink. A new discovery for me!











A medjool date and a homemade granola ball, decaf tea, water

Lunch really filled me up but towards the end of the afternoon I needed a little energy boost so I had a medjool date and a homemade granola ball I had based on Niomi Smart’s recipe. Seriously yummy and healthy! I also fancied a tea but was feeling a bit anxious so I opted for decaf.





Mushroom and halloumi burger, salad, water

Me and my boyfriend had planned to have grilled portobello mushrooms and halloumi burgers in a brioche bun with lettuce and cherry tomatoes. It was so easy to make and is one of our favourite weekday meals. It really was so tasty!





Homemade chocolate brownie and ice cream

I had made some brownies at the weekend. We had a Terry’s Chocolate Orange left over from Christmas and so I felt it was time to make my Terry’s Chocolate Brownie Blog Post recipe (based on Lorraine Pascal’s brownie recipe). They were so yummy and the perfect way to finish off a day of yummy food!


I hope you enjoyed this post! I definitely love a mix of healthy and little treats to fuel my day. What do you love to eat? Have you got any quick weekday meal ideas to share?




    • 28th May 2017 / 5:01 pm

      Thank youuuu! It was quite a good food day as I had done lots of cooking the weekend prior hehe! xx

  1. 30th May 2017 / 9:37 pm

    wow everything looks so good especially the breakfast and the dessert!

    • 1st June 2017 / 4:36 pm

      Thank you so much! It is yummy when you have a good food day! I love making my own snacks and meals from scratch and some days I have more time than others to do so!

  2. 1st June 2017 / 7:54 pm

    I really get inspired when I see amazing recipes people make from scratch and definitely want to start doing that too and it’s even better when they are healthy recipes! ?

    • 2nd June 2017 / 11:11 am

      Thank you so much! Making food from scratch is so satisfying and you can have confidence with the ingredients in it. Glad you enjoyed the post! ☺️

  3. 1st June 2017 / 8:23 pm

    It’s so fun to see what others eat during their day! Yours sounds super healthy and it has inspired me to be a little more creative with my meals! I’m really into beetroot at the moment so I’m going to try to make some meals with it – I love the sound of the Middle Eastern bowl. You have to show me Farmacy if we meet up again soon! <3 xxx

    • 2nd June 2017 / 11:15 am

      Hehe thank you! The brownie was my little treat from a mainly healthy day ? Aww glad I’ve inspired creativity with your meals. I love cooking, it’s definitely a time to be experimental and eat ingredients that I love. Oooh we have to go to Farmacy! Let’s go! I was eyeing up their desserts (all healthy btw) but was too full to eat one. ? xxx

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