SourcedBox Review May 2017

The May SourcedBox definitely won the beauty awards and it also didn’t disappoint on taste. I love this healthy subscription service and if you are new to SourcedBox I would not hesitate to recommend it. I much prefer swapping a sugary snack to one that will keep my energy levels sustained. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the odd treat but with SourcedBox I feel like the goodies are treats and I always look forward to trying new flavour combinations I would not I chosen myself. I have been surprised by a few of this month’s items (in a good way). Subscription boxes are great ways to try new things and this is one subscription I get so excited about. See my thoughts below…



 Choco Rockets Raw Cookies | iRaw | Mini cacao flavoured deliciously healthy teatime bites

Strawberry Flavoured Dried Cranberries And Raisins | Scrummies | The cutest and most flavoursome dried fruit I have tried

Salt & Pepper Flavoured Popped Lotus Seed |Nuto | A game changer – the perfect popcorn rival

Salted Caramel Granola | The Department Of Breakfast | The most indulgent start to the day – great texture and incredible flavour

Chilli & Oregano Pitted Olives | Oloves | The perfect snack size of the most moist and juicy olives

Curry Crunch | The Toasted Seed Company | If you love curry then these are seriously flavoursome and the perfect savoury snack

Matcha Super Power Green Tea Elderflower Drink | Teapigs | A super refreshing summertime treat

Clean In Green Detox Tea | Teapigs | Dandelion is a predominant flavouring in this detox goddess

Cacao & Almond Organic Matcha Bar | Rawcha | The most beautifully crunchy nutty and matcha bar – some of my favourite flavours

Wild Blueberry Craft Chocolate | Goodio | The most stunning chocolate bar I have eaten.
















Wild Blueberry Craft Chocolate | Goodio

Chocolate is always a good thing and when it’s in such pretty packaging it makes the eating experience that little bit more luxurious. I’ve never had wild blueberry as a chocolate bar flavour before but I have clearly been missing out. This chocolate is healthier as there are no refined sugars involved, however it doesn’t taste that way. The thickness of chocolate is also perfect to get that crisp after dinner taster. Definitely recommend this!

Salt & Pepper Flavoured Popped Lotus Seed |Nuto

I’ve eaten popped corn in my time but never popped lotus seed. I feel like this is something that is going to be popular very soon and I’m so happy I tried this. This is probably the most stand out item of the May SourcedBox for me. It tasted incredible and you also don’t have those annoying corn kernels stuck in your teeth afterwards. The favour of salt and pepper was so yummy too. Hurray to Nuto!

Choco Rockets Raw Cookies | iRaw

These little “cookies” were such a lovely flavour and a perfect nibble with your cup of tea. I loved the cacao being the main flavouring and they were almost like mini healthy biscotti. Very yummy!


If you are interested in SourcedBox and feel like trying it, you can use my referral link here!

That will get you 15% off your first box which is an incentive to try it! You won’t be disappointed!

Have you tried SourcedBox? What do you think of these healthy snacks?


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