Embrace It

In recent weeks, I’ve been so lazy to do much with my hair. Partly because of the lovely hot sunny days we have had recently and partly because some days I just don’t want to have the hassle of being a girl. Sometimes getting ready in the mornings can be a lengthy process and embracing your natural qualities can be the thing that we all need to do once in a while.



Natural Qualities

I’m talking hair in particular but this can be applied to any form of beauty. We always want what we don’t have. Curly haired people want straight hair and straight haired people want curly hair. I have a natural wave to my hair and when I leave it dry on its own it goes quite curly. I don’t tend to brush it throughout the day when I leave it dry, to ensure the curls don’t fall out. And I also have to use a hair oil to tame that frizz. Sometimes I leave the baby hairs and sometimes I just straighten those bits. However, it takes 95% less time to get my barnet sorted in the mornings. And that’s a great thing!



Learn To Embrace It

I guess I normally prefer having tamed hair and so straight hair is my best option. It also goes up better etc. So I would still rather straighten it. And in the winter months my hair is not sodden wet when left to dry. However, in summer when the days are warmer, having wet hair can be quite refreshing. People also give me more comments when I have my hair curly and so maybe the things I am less appreciative of are those that other people wish they had more. Remember, there will always be people envious of something you have and maybe that’s a lesson to appreciate the quirks that make us individual.




So I guess what I am trying to say is let’s be grateful for those traits that we don’t value every day. Whether it’s hair or the way you look, other people might wish they had those qualities. Height is another example; short people tend to want to be taller and taller vice versa. But short can be cute or dainty and tall can be elegant. Make a list of things about you that other people have complimented you on that you take for granted. You’ll be surprised that actually you have things to be thankful for and mindful about.



Learning to love what you have is the best form of mindfulness we can live by. Gratitude can form so much positivity. Have I inspired you to try embracing your natural beauty?


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