The Perfect Pamper Evening

An evening to yourself… your choice of film, pamper products at the ready, your choice of dinner…. bliss! Sometimes we all need a little pamper and time to let our thoughts feel less cluttered, as busy millennials. As much as I love to be around people, sometimes an evening to myself is all I need to feel more relaxed and refreshed. Then, I can enjoy meeting up with friends and family all the more. For me, when I visit people I like to be dedicated to giving them my full attention and so that can be quite exhausting when you have a busy multi-tasking brain. Here are my tips on how to have a perfect evening.


Have an early dinner and plan a treat to have for dessert…

When I am on my own, I tend to prefer a really easy meal like a jacket potato or stir fry. This way I can maximise my time pampering. Sometimes however, if I am in a cooking mood I like to browse my recipe books and find something delicious to make myself. I am completely obsessed with Niomi Smart’s cookbook Eat Smart which features lots of yummy healthy and energising food. I just love to cook from this book and it is my most used cookbook.

For dessert, I love to indulge in some cheeky chocolate. Buying some fancier chocolate can really make you feel like you are having the ultimate treat. That said, sometimes I just like Cadbury’s!  Me and my boyfriend have a chocolate box and so we tend to have that as our dessert… which I would highly recommend!




Pick out some luxurious beauty products to use…

Pampering is one of my favourite past times and so the idea of a relaxing soak in the bath or trying out new products is heaven to me. I love discovering items in my beauty box and saving them for a special relaxing evening such as a beautiful nail varnish, some relaxing fragrance, or simply a divine hand cream.




Light some candles and make the room all cosy…

Candles can create such a calming atmosphere and scented ones such as this lavender L’OCCITANE one really make me feel at ease. I love feeling cosy, even in summer and so fluffy socks and throws are always a plus too… depending on the weather of course. I can’t wait until the months get a little cooler and I can snuggle up with my home comforts even more. I’m still trying to get away with these snuggly items now though, even if I have to wear pyjamas shorts so I need the throw! A fluffy dressing gown is also an essential in my book!



Catching up on my favourite reading list…

When I have more time in an evening I love to catch up on my favourite blogs. This includes The Makeup Directory by Sally, Fashion Mumblr by Josie, and blogs Millieonhearts and Milena Wears by Milena. I have a more extensive list of bloggers I adore to read posts from but these are my top 3. If I am feeling a little overwhelmed by technology that day then the ultimate detox is a cosy book.




Watching my favourite programmes and YouTube videos…

I love indulging in a marathon of YouTube videos and TV programmes that I am behind on. If I have already caught up (which is highly unlikely…) I love to watch a film via Netflix. Watching something allows my thoughts from the day to settle and I don’t have to think about anything taxing. This is my favourite thing to do to help me relax and feel at ease.



I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your favourite things to do on a pamper evening?


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