SourcedBox Review July 2017

The time has come for another yummy SourcedBox review and this time I’m talking about the July 2017 box. If you are new to SourcedBox, it is basically a monthly healthy snacks subscription box and it features some amazing gems inside. I have never been disappointed by the boxes!



Lemon, Lucuma & Coconut Munchies | Raw Gorilla | Zingy lemon and coconut bites – such a yummy little snack and the texture is fun to eat. Packed with seeds for added goodness.


Jujube Crisps | Abakus Foods | Such an interesting item and I’ve never tasted anything like it before! They have a citrus flavour and are sweet and chewy.


Pineapple Sorbet Green Tea | Bluebird Tea Company |The pineapple and lemongrass is quite strong but this creates a soothing and relaxing afternoon tea. Love the flavour for relaxing afternoons.


Smokin’ Coconut Pecks | Inspiral | These are so yummy and the paprika and nutritional yeast give these such an addictive flavour.


Apple & Root Ginger Birch Water | Tapped | Although I prefer normal water, this is a great alternative to fizzy drinks. The flavour is strong so it’s just personal preference.


Chocolate & Coconut Pili Nuts | Raw & Wild |Melt in the mouth texture and glorious flavour. A definite keeper.


Salted Caramel Protein Bar | Creative Nature |Cold pressed with sweet dates and nutritious seeds. The texture and flavour were both spot on.


Neanderthal Nibbles Savoury Granola | Rollagranola |I wasn’t a fan of this as it was more of a savoury snack than a granola. The flavour was very strong but if you love sweet potato and pepper then you will love this, as these are the prominent flavours. The flavour was well thought out and I think it was just my personal taste so I’d recommend trying it.


Acai, Chia & Raspberry Raw Bliss Balls | The Bondi Kitchen |Sublime energy balls that were fruity, moist and refreshing. I loved these.


Chocolate Truffle | Science Kitchen |Raw chocolate truffle with intense luxury to its flavour – yummy!



Jujube Crisps | Abakus Foods | These fruit crisps were insanely clever and so unusual. They are something I wouldn’t have chosen myself and the interesting sweet citrus flavour works. These are definitely something I would love to try again.

 Acai, Chia & Raspberry Raw Bliss Balls | The Bondi Kitchen |Some energy balls are quite dry but these were perfect. I loved the acai and chia in them. They actually inspired me to try and make some myself! Look forward to an upcoming recipe on my blog for my version of these.

Chocolate & Coconut Pili Nuts | Raw & Wild |I’ve never tried pili nuts before but these were just amazing. The flavour was luxurious with the coconut and chocolate and the actual nuts were so soft and delicate.

 If you are interested in SourcedBox and feel like trying it, you can use my referral link here!

That will get you 15% off your first box which is an incentive to try it! You won’t be disappointed!

Have you tried SourcedBox? What do you think of these healthy snacks?


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