How To Pack

As I am writing this blog, I am sitting in a room of boxes ready for moving things across to the new residence. The whole prospect of moving to a different part of London is so exciting but it does come with a lot of stressful times… and part of that includes the mammoth task of packing. For a one bedroom flat, we didn’t think we had a lot of belongings but even we are struggling to find enough hours in the day to get everything done. That said, working as a team has been so lovely… as well as playing music in the background to dance along to whilst putting things into boxes.

I thought I would share with you some of the packing tips I have learnt in this process. If you are moving to a new home, or plan to in the future, these tips will help you make packing a bit less of a headache and allow you to avoid additional stress.


Buy Boxes

This may seem an obvious one but buying NEW boxes that haven’t been used before is definitely a must. You don’t want to be packing into bags which can lead to damaging your items. You also don’t want to be using second hand boxes which are worn out and not strong enough for your belongings. Boxes are also easy to stack… trust me you will need to maximise floor space as shortly you will be confined to certain parts of the room when you need space to store the packed boxes before moving day.

Keep Original Packing If You Can

This is not always possible but if you can I would always recommend keeping the packaging for fragile items (kitchen and electronical items especially). It also makes things fit better when packing boxes into boxes and ensures the items are protected properly.


Order Any Boxes And Equipment In Advance To Minimise Costs

Time can be quite frantic towards the moving date but ordering any packing items in advance can minimise costs, as some companies can take a while for cheaper delivery. 

Label The boxes By Number And Write The Contents On A Spreadsheet

I thought about how I would pack carefully and for me I didn’t want to be labelling each box with just a word like “Kitchen” or “Study”. I wanted to know what was in each box so I could find the important items quickly when in the new place. By writing what is in each box on a spreadsheet, I can easily use my laptop to search for a specific item. I have only written specifics for important things such as my “camera” but then been general with others like “kitchen pans”. I also love the fact that we know exactly how many boxes the delivery men should have moved and we can do a quick check before leaving.


Don’t Put Too Many Heavy Things In One Box

Think about what you can carry! If you are getting helpers then this isn’t so much of a problem but be considerate on their backs too! You also don’t want some boxes to crush others when stacking them. Try to pack heavy items amongst light ones and spread out the load. Never pack a whole box of books!

Buy A Clothes Rail Packing Box

Buying clothes wardrobe boxes are an absolute lifesaver. You can just hang the clothes on the rail in the box and then just whip them out straight away into the wardrobe of your next home. Use suitcases and a few other boxes to pack the remaining clothes such as coats and jumpers which can easily be folded.


If Possible, Clean The New Place Before Moving In

Having a clean place to move into is so beneficial. Most places already come cleaned professionally but if you don’t have this situation you might want to clean it yourself before moving in. It isn’t very nice unpacking into dust and dirt when you have had all the moving in day. Try to overlap the residences by a few days or even a week if you can afford to. If not, try and get friends and family to help give it a swift clean before unpacking.

Have A Clear Out Beforehand

Don’t pack things you don’t need, it just wastes energy packing and precious box space. It is so satisfying to have a clear out and a great opportunity to assess whether you actually use and need things.


Packing Materials

Don’t forget to order parcel tape (my favourite is Duck Packing Tape as it is much stronger and you can see through it). It is also worth noting to order plenty of bubble wrap. You will need loads! You will also get through plenty of rolls of tape! I would recommend using Fragile Tape too to make sure kitchenware is handled carefully.

Try To Keep Calm

Finally, think of the end result. Think of the happiness you will experience and reason behind moving. Work as a team to hold down boxes for sealing and make decisions together. If you tend to argue, pack different sections and so you each have something to focus on. Remember to take breaks too!

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have any more tips to help future movers?


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