What I Eat In A Day 3

My What I Eat In A Day blogs have been popular on here. They are blogs that I have really enjoyed making, so I thought it was time for another in the series! Check out What I Eat In A Day 1 and 2 if you want to read my other ones. I was working from home the day I decided to do this blog post and so it features home cooking which I love to do when I have the time. I hope you get some ideas for any meals or snacks from this! Let me know what you think of my food choices in the comments…

Breakfast – Bread muffin with strawberry jam, strawberries, water and vitamin C drink

I started the day with a delicious bread muffin with strawberry jam and butter on. I know this is not the healthiest of breakfasts but I fancied a treat that day. I had a few strawberries with it. We were also feeling a bit run down so we thought we could do with a vitamin C drink for an extra boost!




Snack – A homemade acai ball, a cup of tea and more water

I had made some acai balls which are basically made from healthy energising ingredients – recipe to come! So, I had one of these with my morning tea and water. It was so refreshing and a great healthy snack.




Lunch – Falafel salad

The salad I had for lunch was partly from a little bit of leftover beetroot burger we hadn’t eaten but also falafel amongst lettuce, cucumber, and sundried tomatoes. We were basically trying to use up bits of food. This made a tasty and nutritious lunch.


Snack – Zebra Cronut and Pineapple Sorbet Tea

My boyfriend was working from home too that day so we decided to treat ourselves and stroll up to get a zebra cronut from Dum Dums Donutterie. This was not our usual snack but we fancied a treat. The Zebra is so amazing with many stunning layers. A definite one to check out when nearby. In our July SourcedBox, we had a Pineapple Sorbet tea by Bluebird Tea Company which we thought would be interesting to try also. Both were such a lovely afternoon treat.





Dinner – Macaroni ‘Cheese’ with Roasted Tomatoes and water

For dinner, I made a recipe from Niomi Smart’s Eat Smart Cookbook – Macaroni ‘Cheese’ with Roasted Tomatoes. I used leftover tagliatelle instead of macaroni and we were moving home soon. I love to eat vegan food even though my diet is not completely plant based. I cannot recommend the recipes in this cookbook more. This dish has the creaminess from cashews and butternut squash to make it taste indulgent and comforting.



What do you eat in a day? Do you like the sound of any of these ideas?


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