August 2017 Favourites

August has been a busy month. With summer in full swing and moving home to keep me busy, I have had lots of things to think about. These favourites reflect a little bit of pampering whilst making new discoveries.



Smooth Peanut Butter | Meridian

I have tried many brands for peanut butter but Meridian just seem to top them all for me. This peanut butter has no added salt or sugar. It is 100% peanuts and so it is much healthier than other brands. I also think it tastes better as the texture and taste is so yummy compared with others I have tried. I love having a little spread on toast or with my apple slices for a snack.


Crunchy Coconut Bites Chia | Ape

I recently discovered these coconut bites from Ape. They are so ridiculously tasty. They are also healthy so it is a win-win situation. They are such a moreish snack. The only ingredients in these are coconut, tapioca, chia seeds and sea salt.


Bircher Muesli | Deliciously Ella

I was so excited when the Deliciously Ella breakfast cereals got released.  I have recently discovered bircher muesli as a scrumptious breakfast. This bircher muesli is one of the nicest I have tried and it is so great that you don’t even need to sock it overnight – just for a minute before eating. I love adding yogurt and a splash of almond milk to mine before topping it with delicious berries.


Iced Matcha Lattes and Iced Coffees

The weather has been so lovely this summer and I have enjoyed drinking my caffeine fix iced. I have been loving iced matcha lattes and iced coffees for a more refreshing afternoon pick me up. It makes me feel more energised during the afternoon.


Simply Sensitive Cleansing Wash | Boots

I picked this up as my normal face wash was not in stock and I fancied trying the Boots own face wash. I have sensitive skin but as this said it suited my skin type I thought I would try it. It is so lovely and it is also cheaper than other cleansers. I definitely recommend this if you have sensitive skin and are looking to buy a budget cleanser.


Fast Absorbing Hand Cream | Neutrogena

My hands have been so dry lately and so I have been reaching for a super hydrating moisturiser. My boyfriend bought this for himself… but I have adopted it. It is non-greasy and it really does absorb into my skin fast. I love it as a more budget hand cream. Recommend!


Moving Home, Buying Furniture and Sitting On The Balcony

I have finally moved home to lovely South West London. Having enjoyed living in Central London, it was getting a little too busy for us. Although the move was quite stressful, we are really enjoying the new area and going for more walks that are not full of pollution and shouting people! I have loved choosing furniture bits for the new place and soon we will sort out the flat a little more to give it those home touches. One of the highlights of the new place is sitting on the balcony which we couldn’t do before. It is also useful for hanging out washing on dry days and keeping that separate from home life!


I hope you have enjoyed reading my August Favourites. What have you enjoyed during August? Do you use any of these products?



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