Being An Introvert

What Is An Introvert?

Being an introvert has all these hurdles attached that living a life as one has to be taken in a different stance to someone who is not one. Being an introvert doesn’t necessarily mean shyness and so much stigma is attached to this. It means however that being around a lot of busyness and noise can tire us out and all we need is rest and a little quiet time. Does this sound familiar to you? Have you found yourself exhausted by a quiet catch up with a group of friends? Or have you found that busy shopping centre a little too overwhelming?

It is important to understand that we are not a minority and so many people these days are feeling the same as you. Blogging is such an industry where introverts can express themselves through writing rather than words, with time to put their thoughts across and a calmness to the approach. I have discovered so many bloggers I can relate to with those same views.



Regroup And Recharge

Some time to take care is needed and what I find works for me is a cosy evening snuggled at home with my favourite TV programme, book or person. I like spending time on my own and it helps me to regroup and absorb my thoughts. I also love to see my close friends and family but I prefer to talk to them in smaller groups as I can really absorb myself into the conversation and not get distracted by other people. Maybe there is a link to having an overactive mind but I am sure extraverts experience this too….


Take Time For You

Some tips I have learnt is to take time for yourself; only you can know how you are feeling. Do things out of your comfort zone but if it is not going to be something you enjoy then once you have tried it say no to those things in the future. We only have a certain amount of free time in this busy working world and so we need to make each day count and enjoy ourselves. So what if you are not like everyone else? That is the beauty of being whoever we are and balancing out the variety of different individuals in the world.



What are your thoughts on being an introvert?


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