26 Meal Ideas…. For Busy Days

Sometimes we all need an easy meal, sometimes more times than expected… So I thought I would create a list of my “go to” simple meals for some inspiration. These meals require little time and effort. They are also reasonably healthy with a touch of comfort and ease to them. You can adapt these ideas by having them with or without meat and cheese too.



Jacket Potato with your favourite filling
Tortellini and salad
Pitta Pizzas and salad
Egg Fried Rice with lots of vegetables
Fish with crème fraiche, leeks and new potatoes
Defrost some premade home cooked frozen food such as Chilli Con Carne
Chicken, bacon and avocado salad
Fajitas (vegetable or meat)
Eggs on toast with / without avocado
Sausage, beans and chips
Ratatouille pittas / wraps
Mushroom and halloumi burger with salad
Vegetable bake with sweet potatoes and passata
Nachos with peppers, chopped tomatoes, kidney beans, and paprika
Warm feta, stir-fry vegetable and torn up pitta bread salad
Stuffed mushrooms with sweet potato wedges
Honey soy salmon with noodles, pak choi and edamame beans
Cauliflower cheese with new potatoes with / without bacon
Quinoa, bean, chickpea, and vegetable salad
Couscous with fish and mangetout and lemon zest
Steamed broccoli, pasta and a cheese sauce
Vietnamese wraps with fine batons of raw spring onion, carrot, and celery dipped in hoisin sauce
Baked fish, sweet potato chips, beetroot ketchup and peas
Cheese and tomato on toast with salad



What are your go to meal ideas?


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