My Morning Routine

I love knowing other people’s morning routines and so I thought I would write one myself. This routine is a weekday one but it is generally the same at the weekends but just a bit slower paced. I hope you enjoy reading it! I probably take too long to do things in the morning but I find this order works for me and we are all individuals so the art is to find a routine that is best for you.


Alarm goes off. I am normally quite sleepy and so it takes me a few minutes to come to before getting out of bed. I set my clothes ready and collect my contact lenses ready for my shower.


After my shower, including cleansing my face and body, I like to moisturise my face. My skincare routine does not change too often as my skin is sensitive and so I love to reach for products I know my skin will enjoy. My latest skincare routine I posted can give you an idea of the products I love. I also moisturise my body and feet. I love Palmers Cocoa Butter Lotion for my body and The Body Shop Intensive Cooling Foot Rescue for my feet.


Once I have got dressed, I make the bed and put my hair up. Sometimes I might do my hair later if I am leaving it down but I mostly like to have it up and out of the way. I usually go for a ponytail or a low bun for ease.


Me and my boyfriend try to have breakfast together in the morning. I love this morning ritual and we have time just to sit, eat, talk and have a few moments of calm before the day starts. We love having fruit with our breakfast. We like to eat cereal, homemade granola, bircher muesli or a toasted item.


Onto making the lunch. I normally make lunch for me and my boyfriend as it is just easier to make them both in one go. We normally have rolls with something like cheese or tuna in. Then, I select some snacks for us to munch on throughout the day and put some food aside for him. The boyfriend normally does some chores like a little ironing so we share the things to do.


Next, I brush my teeth as I hate putting makeup on beforehand as I always seem to mess up my foundation from using too much toothpaste! Then I do my makeup ready for the day.


Next, I finish any chores, hang up any washing we have put on in the morning or sort out any emails etc. I also say goodbye to the boyfriend when he goes to work.


I usually start my day with violin practise. If I don’t do it early then it is harder to get started. Sometimes I do more later on in the day but I like to do at least an hour in the morning.


I tend to check my blog social media, Instagram and Twitter. I post an Instagram photo and schedule some tweets. I then have a short tea break and begin the day with teaching planning, and making blog content etc. This might involve photography some days, running errands for blog posts or writing. No day is the same. Some days I will work on my blog, some days I will catch up with work admin and other days I will teach.


What is your typical morning routine? Does your morning look like this?


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