October 2017 Favourites

October has been a busy month and because of this I have discovered some lovely favourites. Quite a lot of the things I have been loving are those that have made me feel a little better and pampered. I hope you enjoy reading!



kikki.K Stationery

I am quite new to kikki.K but when I went shopping recently I was obsessed with the stationery. I have been looking for some pretty notebooks for a while now but I couldn’t find any that were just right. These pastel and gold coloured notebooks were in a set of 3 and I particularly love the one that displays the quote “Always Have Time For The Things That Make You Feel Most Alive”. I will definitely be thinking about this brand for stationery in the future.





I have been quite stressed recently and I have found that lighting my L’OCCITANE scented lavender candle and spraying my pillow with the L’OCCITANE lavender pillow mist has really helped create a sense of calm before bed. The quality of both products is so soothing and I definitely recommend if you need a little unwind time.




I have been reading my book before bed and this has really helped me get to sleep quicker as my eyes are tired out. I still wake up in the night but reading has been something I look forward to each day. At the moment I am reading The Choice by Nicholas Sparks and it is such a nice easy read; I would recommend it!



Clinique Serum

I bought the Turnaround Revitalizing Serum by Clinique by mistake but actually turned out to love it. The formula sinks into the skin beautifully and my face feels so nourished and prepped well for moisturiser afterwards. Love this product!




We have recently moved home and so this has meant we have been able to make the occasional trip to Lidl as it is easier to get to. Whilst I still find food shopping stressful, particularly in London, we have squeezed in a few Lidl shops amongst our online ones. I find their food such good value and the quality is amazing! We particularly like the nuts there and the mango juice.



Meridian Spread

I try to find natural sugar alternatives wherever possible and this Meridian Cocoa & Hazelnut Butter works so well. It is really yummy but it doesn’t have that unhealthy refined sugar taste. Love this!


Teapigs Tea

I do love Teapigs tea and lately I have been loving the rhubarb and ginger tea in their range. It is such a refreshing afternoon drink to have when you don’t want any caffeine. I have been trying to find some more relaxing drinks to have that are not caffeinated.


Vegan and Vegetarian Food

I have loved making more vegetarian and vegan food lately as I just feel so healthy afterwards. I have been loving using Niomi Smart’s Eat Smart Cookbook. We have a lovely squashetti and meatball dish from it the other day. The meatballs were made from lentils and it was so yummy! I have also been loving orzo pasta. I made my garlic courgette and orzo pasta recipe recently and it was so yummy.






I hope you enjoyed reading my October Favourites. What have you been loving this month?


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