SourcedBox Review October 2017

SourcedBox is such a lovely brand as it is a healthy food subscription box that features some of the best healthy snacks out there. I love receiving it every month and since signing up I have discovered so many snacks I would not have necessarily purchased previously. The October box* was not only great because I received it free (I was featured as September’s SourcedBoxer of The Month) but it was actually one of my favourite boxes.



Banana Bread Chai Tea | Bluebird Tea Company | The most dreamy tea flavour ever!


Banananut Bites | Moral Fibre | Quite chewy for the teeth but so delicious! Packed full of pecans, dates, coconut and banana.


Carrot & Spice Boost Banana Bar | SNACT |Yummy spices make this bar even more delicious and each bar saves one banana that would have gone to waste otherwise!


Gently Dehydrated Mango | I Love Snacks | Yummy dried mango… you can’t go wrong!


Waku Waku Cashews | Kinomi | I love Japanese food and these flavoured cashews make a lovely savoury snack.


Summer Fruits Jelly Juice | Naturelly | This jelly juice is incredible! It is made from natural fruit juice and thickener.


Cherry Scrummies | Clearly Scrumptious | Cherry infused cranberries and raisins… so moreish!


Oat & Cacao Cookies | The Beginnings |The most divine cookies with a nice hearty crunch.


Sparkling Spring Water Infused With Wonky Cucumbers | Dash-Water | This is genius using wonky cucumbers and a great after dinner drink with barely any calories!


Hazelnut Praline | Rhythm 108 | Wow, this bar is amazing! I was slightly disappointed that it had sugar in but it tasted amazing nonetheless.


Korean BBQ Broad Beans | Wainut Other Foods | Such a yummy savoury snack!



I kept changing my mind for these favourites because there were so many high contenders but for their stand out qualities I had to mention these….

Korean BBQ Broad Beans | Wainut Other Foods

I am really looking for more savoury snacks to incorporate into my diet as my dentist always says I shouldn’t snack on fruit too much. These broad beans are perfect! They are so yummy and really filling. The flavour and texture is spot on.

Carrot & Spice Boost Banana Bar | SNACT

I had to mention this product because firstly it is divine (carrot, banana and spices… yum) but also the concept of the brand is so great. SNACT aim to use produce that would have gone to waste otherwise. This is such a great ethos. The brand also use home compostable packaging which is so great! Why can’t more brands do this?

Summer Fruits Jelly Juice | Naturelly

I haven’t had jelly in a while but I always get nostalgic whenever I do. This guilt free version is so fun to eat from the pouch. The flavour is incredible and I love the fact that no artificial nasties are included in the ingredients!

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If you are interested in SourcedBox and feel like trying it, you can use my referral link here!

That will get you 15% off your first box which is an incentive to try it! You won’t be disappointed!

Products marked with a * have been gifted to me.

Have you tried SourcedBox? What do you think of these healthy snacks?


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