New Blog Design…

For those that have been following my blog, you might remember me saying that I was going to change the layout of my website and make it look more professional. No change in content, but just a more stylised approach. I wanted to create something that was more reflective of me and a design that made me smile when I looked at it. Well, I’ve finally done that and purchased a blog template to work from. I’ve spent a bit of time tweaking the design and I really hope you like this change to the blogs.

As I said, the content is going to be the same but the style is very different. I have even created my own logo which I took some time over but I am really happy with the final result. I’d love to know your thoughts on the new look and I really hope you enjoy keeping up to date with my new blog.


My new website is so I really hope you check it out and sign up to receive email notifications of my latest blog posts. If you already have an email subscription this should already be working for you as I have set up a redirect! Thank you as always for reading my blog posts and for all your support.

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