Blogmas Winter Candles

Welcome to my Blogmas of 2017! I really hope you enjoy reading my upcoming posts. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments and if you are a blogger too of course leave links to your blogs too so I can also check out your content as well….

There is nothing more relaxing than burning a candle, drinking a warm cup of tea and snuggling inside with fluffy socks on. Candles can bring so much warmth into the home and make such a cosy atmosphere. Yankee Candle in my opinion are one of the best brands for supplying that affordable luxury candle and their scents are incredible. I have chosen three winter themed candles to talk about today and they are truly divine.

Yankee Candle | Fireside Treats

Think marshmallows roasting on a fire… this candle has such a sweet yet smoky scent. I love burning this in the evenings whilst watching a cosy film. The scent fills the room but it is not too overpoweringly sweet.

 Yankee Candle | Soft Blanket

Think of fresh citrus scents with a hint of sweet vanilla and a comforting hint of cashmere. This is definitely a scent that oozes safety and sanctuary. I think this can be quite a soothing candle to light when the stress of the busy festivities gets a little overwhelming.

Yankee Candle | Christmas Eve

This is the ultimate Christmas candle embodying the traditional holiday aromas of spice, citrus, nuts and fruit. You can smell the subtle vanilla and praline base notes too. It just screams Christmas and this is perfect to burn throughout December.

Are you a fan of Yankee Candles? What are your favourite winter candles?

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