Blogmas Send A Thought This Christmas

Christmas can be a really hectic time of year and we can get really swept up in the whole process… The plans over Christmas, presents, social activities…. it can suddenly get quite busy. So, what about the people you don’t have time to see? What about the people you haven’t seen for a while but still wonder what they are up to? It is impossible to visit EVERYONE over the festive period but it can be possible to send a thought to let them know you care…

Not everyone posts cards these days and so much is online via social media. However, the beauty of sending something so tangible, so visual and written in one’s own handwriting can be so lovely to receive. I personally LOVE sending cards and even if I can’t afford to buy that person a present or I have not seen them in a while, I think a card is a special way to remind people that you haven’t forgotten them. It is so easy to lose touch with people that you once saw every day and these times are the perfect way to show you care.

Not only is choosing cards to send exciting, the experience is very festive and gets people looking forward to Christmas. This year I bought my cards from Paperchase, which I believe do AMAZING stationery. You can even buy charity cards there too which is a lovely idea. Why not make an evening of writing them… put on a Christmas film, your favourite festive jumper, even play some Christmas music and get excited about sending someone a thought of Christmas wishes? You might even receive some back to decorate the home with! Once the festive season is over I keep any Christmas cards I have been sent and make homemade Christmas gift tags out of them!

Do you send Christmas cards?


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