Blogmas Christmas Gifts For Her

I’ve posted my stocking filler blogs part one and two but now it is time for a gift guide. I love buying gifts for people and these suggestions are ones that will be appreciated on Christmas day I am sure.

Marks & Spencer | Glimmer Round Strap Watch

A watch is always a really useful present and when better to update a watch than the festive season where there are so many lovely designs? I never expected to find such a gorgeous design in Marks & Spencer but this watch is so stunning. It looks far more expensive than the price tag. It’s rose gold and grey colourings make it a classic watch that will go with numerous outfits. The added glitz makes it look extra special. I actually bought this watch for myself as I my current watch was falling apart and I can’t wait to wear it! I can see it going with many of my clothes!

Bobbi Brown | Nourishing Lip Colour In Pale Mauve 73

Lipsticks are a lovely present to receive over Christmas and giving someone a luxury lipstick that they would not have necessarily bought for themselves is a great idea. People are less likely to spoil themselves with a premium lipstick and Bobbi Brown is one of those brands that screams sophistication. I have selected a pretty girly nude here which is such a wearable shade and one that most people will adore. The formula of this lipstick is also very moisturising which is perfect for the winter months.

Debenhams |Personal Shopper Experience Gift Card

I think you can only buy these in store as I could not find a direct link online but Debenhams provide a free personal shopper experience. So, when you buy someone a personal shopper gift card they can get the same value in clothes (or anything else they wish to buy in store) as well as a great experience. I have done the personal shopper experience there before and it was such amazing value considering you still get the value of the voucher. You also get a beauty consultation and free refreshments. I recommend going to the London branches as they have a vast array of items to choose from.

Totes | Toasties Soft Suedette Bootie Women’s Slippers

Winter time means the entry of cold temperatures and wanting to snuggle up indoors in fluffy socks. In roll these super soft and cute slippers by Totes. I think these would make anyone feel cosy through winter and who wouldn’t want to receive these as a gift under the Christmas tree?

Too Faced | White Chocolate Chip Eyeshadow Palette

Too Faced is one of those brands that is so unique and special. I have always wanted something from the brand and on Black Friday I treated myself to this adorable mini eyeshadow palette. This would make an amazing Christmas gift for someone! It is so compact which makes it perfect for travelling. The longevity of their eye shadows is supposed to be amazing as well as the colours being stunning pretty pastels. I love how there are some glitzy shades in there and they make the perfect evening makeup choice. There are a good range of other shades great for daytime too! The best bit is that the palette actually smells of white chocolate! I made my boyfriend smell it and he was amazed! This is really a special gift for someone at Christmas.


Will you be adding any of these to your present giving list? What has caught your eye gift wise this Christmas?


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