Blogmas Favourite Festive Films

I love watching a great Christmas movie with a cosy hot chocolate and cinema snacks. There are some really great Christmas films out there but these are my favourites! I hope you like my list!


This such a feel-good film and I just love how Christmassy this film makes me feel. It is a good family film!


Love Actually

Love Actually is not only filled with an outstanding cast, it is one of those films where all the story lines come together so neatly. I normally don’t like films that have multiple stories but this one is just such a great comedy and works so well!


The Holiday

This is one of my favourite films of all time. I love the idea of two woman swapping houses over the festive season. The feel-good factor is so good in this film and I love the music as it makes me feel so comforted.


It’s A Wonderful Life

I love how old fashioned and cosy this film is. It’s usually on the TV over the festive season and it really makes you appreciate the little things.


Arthur Christmas

Another fun film. I love the animation in this and it is lovely to watch a film that is Christmas eve themed.


The Grinch

The comedy in this film is amazing and I love the almost fairy-tale-like setting. It always makes you appreciate the good things in life.


Miracle On 34th Street

I love this film. I remember watching this with my sister when we were little. It is such a magical tale.


A Christmas Carol

You can’t beat a Christmas classic like this. This film is bound to be popular with all the family!



I only watched this for the first time last year but I really enjoyed it! It is lovely to hear choral singing and the comedy in it is so touching.


The Snowman

I will always associate Christmas with this film and how fuzzy inside it makes me feel. You just can’t beat the simplicity of it and the amazing music.


What are your favourite Christmas films?



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