Blogmas Christmas Decorations

I have seen so many lovely photos of Christmas decorations around Instagram and in shop windows that I thought I would share with you how I have decorated my living space.

The Tree

This year, we bought a little tree and we love it to bits! It comes in it’s own pot and we decorated it with mini baubles we had left over from our cute little Bloom & Wild Christmas tree last year. We also spotted these cute copper baubles in a shop called Farrago. To decorate the top of the tree we chose an adorable little white snowflake, also from Farrago.

Christmas Candles

I got a candle from my mum last year with “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” on it and me and my boyfriend decided to decorate it with festive decorations like this pack of pine cones, cinnamon sticks and other delights we picked up at Petersham Nurseries. We put everything in a dish that we bought from Flying Tiger. It was a really affordable decoration and one I will be doing again next year! Why not have a go at making one of these? I also brought out my other festive candles such as the Yankee Candle Christmas Eve.

Decorative Features

To finish off the decorations we hung some festive string to hang cards on with our cute little star pegs we picked up last year off Amazon. I also dotted some glittery pine cones around the place that we also bought from Petersham Nurseries. I then put our stockings and some candy canes out to complete the scene! Lastly, I placed some chocolates into bowls to make the place look cosier over the winter evenings.


Overall, I am feeling very happy with the festive decorations we have in place and I love putting on the Christmas lights and lighting a festive candle, when dusk approaches.


What do you do to decorate over Christmas?


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