The Perfect Tea

A cup of tea is a daily ritual for me. I just look forward to that calming sensation it provides and I really savour every sip. The saying “A cup of tea will solve everything” is not always true but it does make that moment of dismay lighten and help heal the wounds. As I try not to drink too much tea a day I really believe that making a great choice is essential.

When it comes to flavour, intensity and prettiness only you can know what you prefer. I tend to go for stronger flavours but I also like aromatic notes to my tea. Bluebird Tea Company is a brand I discovered in the last few years and they are mixologists so they have blending down to a “T” (excuse the pun). Their flavours are always so inventive and exciting. For instance, Carrot Cake, Cherry Bakewell and Elderflower Champagne are all flavours that excite me. I treated me and my boyfriend to a tea selection box recently and we have been enjoying trying out new flavours from them. The Dark Chocolate Chilli Chai is incredible and you really get that chilli kick throughout. I have also been loving Snowball which is a seasonal one that came around during the Winter. Hopefully it will be back next year! It is sublime containing coconut, marshmallows and chocolate. Gingerbread Chai is also a tea I would recommend – it tastes just like gingerbread!

I would totally recommend building your own Tea Gift Box to try a few flavours. If you are anything like me then you will love the variety element of it without committing to a whole jar of one flavour.

Bluebird Tea Company are such a lovely brand and are based in Brighton. I love the fact that they go that extra mile. For instance, with my Christmas order I received a personalised handwritten note thanking me for purchasing from them. I thought this was such a lovely touch.

Do you enjoy a calming cuppa during the day? What are your favourite teas to recommend?


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