SourcedBox Review February 2018

Winter still seems to be upon us and my SourcedBox snacks have therefore been much appreciated this month to keep me fuelled during the cold days. This SourcedBox featured some great products which I can’t wait to talk about below. I just love receiving my monthly box of about 10 healthy snacks and really enjoy being looked after when it comes to eating better choices at no compromise to taste. This blog post is not sponsored, and I have no hesitation in recommending this subscription box of yummy goodies.



Rhythm 108 | Super Coconut Deeelicious SWISS Dark Chocolate Bar | Oh wow, the taste of this is just heavenly and so much more yummy than an unhealthier alternative.

Snact | Beetroot & Cacao Blast Banana Bar | Who knew beetroot and cacao could go so well together!

Rolla Granola | Absolutely Chocolate Granola | This chocolate granola is not only free from refined sugar, it tastes amazing! Full of delicious nuts and seeds too.

Dhikari | Modern Bombay Mix | Handmade and packed full of flavour – the perfect savoury snack!

Tsampa | Cacao Nibs Energy Bar | Cacao flavoured energy bar packed full of oomph.

Nouri | Chocolate And Hazelnuts | Healthy truffles flavoured with delicious chocolate and hazelnuts… what’s not to like!

Pure Bite | Almond Nut Clusters | These were incredible. The almond flavour was so divine and they tasted so sweet even though they contain a low natural sugar content.

Indie Bay Snacks | Spelt Pretzel Bites | So cute and you wouldn’t know they were healthy!

Tapped | Birch Water With Elderflower | This antioxidant drink is rich in manganese and the hint of elderflower makes it so refreshing.

Crushed | Apple & Banana Fast Fruit Snack | This is unbelievably yummy and so fun to eat.




Pure Bite | Almond Nut Clusters

The taste of these kind of reminds me of amaretto biscuits or marzipan! The almond is so flavoursome and sweet and yet these have a low sugar content which is great. I could munch on these all day…


Indie Bay Snacks | Spelt Pretzel Bites

With ingredients like spelt flour and barley malt extract, these are not bad for you, yet they taste so good! I loved these and I would rather eat this healthy version any day.


Rhythm 108 | Super Coconut Deeelicious SWISS Dark Chocolate Bar

Even though this does contain refined sugar… this product is just amazing. I compared the sugar content to say a Bounty (which is similar in taste) and it contains about half the sugar so actually that is much better in my book! This is definitely a yummy bar and one I would happily eat again!

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Have you tried SourcedBox?


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