Timeless Jewellery

Accessories can make such a difference to an outfit. A necklace can emphasise the neck line of a dress, a bracelet can add that sparkle to the wrist and a pair of elegant earrings can bring some sophistication to the overall look. For the everyday, I really think that timeless jewellery is the way to go…. Jewellery that can go with ANY outfit and pieces that are true to their classic longevity.

I recently received a few classic jewellery pieces, featuring these gorgeous rose gold items in the pictures. Astrid & Miyu are a brand that I have been familiar with for a while, but it has always been a wishlist brand for me. I was so excited when I got to finally own a few of their Tuxedo Circle pieces. The classic circle is such a simple design and yet it looks so perfectly timeless and one that has stayed on their website for so long. It is a popular style with bloggers alike and I can definitely agree with that.

The minimalist design is one that will carry through those passing trends. I just love the addition of the sparkling white diamantes amongst the rose gold warmth. The necklace sits beautifully on the collar bone and the earrings really bring that sense of unique quality to an outfit. I also paired my outfit with a beautiful rose gold and diamante bracelet from Philip Jones. Rose gold just compliments any outfit, especially a blush pink like I am wearing.




Bracelet (similar)


Do you wear classic styles to your jewellery?


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