Why I Took A Week Off Blogging

Last week I decided to make a conscious decision to take a week off my blog. A little space and reflection. A recharge for the body and mind. I didn’t want to not post any blogs for a whole week and whilst this might not seem a long time, it felt like an age to me. In the blogging industry people normally post numerous times a week and whilst I only post twice a week it still takes a lot of time out of my week. My blog is my space of content creation and something where I can express my interest in many topics. It’s a place for control and safety.

Lately I’ve been trying to work on my anxiety. This does however take up a lot of time and is a big commitment. I often glaze over my anxiety as I don’t really like talking about it but as a sufferer from it, sometimes it really takes over your day to day activities. Without getting into too much detail, everyday tasks like going out for breakfast or getting a tube can seem so out of reach some days. Whilst I force myself to do things, there are still situations I avoid or feel nervous about. Maybe I will feel brave to talk about this later on but for the moment all I can do is work on it myself first….

Taking a break from blogging really helped refresh my outlook on my blog and helped me get new inspiration. I had time to catch up on bloggers I had not had time to read blog posts from. I can recommend The Makeup Directory, Blushing Lately and Natalie Leanne if any of you lovely people wish to find some other great content. These three bloggers I adore, and they are also lovely people! Most importantly, taking a break helped me gain a fresh approach to my blog It also helped me recover from my cold and sore throat! I am looking forward to writing lots more blog posts now after Easter including my next one featuring my March Favourites so stay tuned for that!


Have you taken a break from your blog before and how did you feel after?



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