March 2018 Favourites

March has been a mixed month for me. Some days have been really challenging anxiety wise, but some days have been so great and involved conquering some fears. Amongst all the days I have enjoyed so many small things that made me smile and here they are to share with you! I’d love to know what you have been enjoying this month and what new discoveries you have made in the comments below!



Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Moisturising Lipstick In Blush Glow

This lipstick was the first one I ever bought (not this exact one because I repurchased) and it is also one of my favourites. The colour is so feminine – a blush pink rose. The formula is extremely moisturising, and it feels so luxurious on the lips. I had forgotten about it as I rarely wear a full face of makeup any more, but I’ve been really enjoying applying this to make me feel a bit more “human” and awake some days.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

I had forgotten I owed this hair mask but when I was sorting out my beauty products I decided I needed to use this up and it’s been making my hair feel soft and luscious. It says to apply to wet hair but I aint got the patience and time for that, so I’ve been applying it to dry hair and leaving it on for 10-20 minutes before washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner. By taking the pressure off myself by not “following the rules” I have really enjoyed using this product and it has meant I haven’t wasted my beauty items.

Sleek Idivine Eye Palette All Night Long

My sister bought me this Sleek eye palette for Christmas and I am so impressed with it. The shades are lovely, and it is so affordable. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a cheaper but great quality eye shadow palette. I love the copper shade particularly and I can see myself using so many of the gorgeous shades. The palette is also nice and slim so perfect for travelling and it has a fantastic mirror. I don’t like the brush it comes with and don’t use it but that is bonus if you like that to be included.

Garnier Skin Active Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water For Dry & Sensitive Skin

For some reason my skin has not liked Garnier micellar waters in the past so when I saw this one geared towards sensitive skin I decided to give it a try. The oil helps to extract waterproof mascara and so that sounded great. I am so impressed with it and my skin seems to like it. Waterproof mascara comes off so much easier now, so I will definitely be repurchasing this in the future.

Ciglione Mascara In Black

I received this mascara in my Christmas Marks & Spencer beauty advent calendar. After trialling out a few waterproof ones, that were not actually waterproof, this was the last in my collection to try and I’m so glad this one was good! I didn’t notice much panda eye effect underneath my eyes so that’s great! It was really easy to apply, and I love the formula – thick but not too dry and clumpy. Overall, I would recommend this mascara and although it isn’t waterproof it is far better than the other ones which claim to be but which I won’t shame.


Making Easter Chocolate Nests

I haven’t made Easter chocolate nest in years and fancied making some the other day and it really brought back memories of being a kid and enjoying things like this at parties. They are so delicious and made the perfect unhealthy but yummy dessert! I thoroughly recommend making some and they are so easy to do!

Rude Health Honey Spelt Puffs

Onto something a little healthier… These Honey Spelt Puffs from Rude Health are so incredible and they don’t have any added processed sugars, just the honey. They still contain sugar but the spelt makes them super healthy and the amount of sugar is far less than a lot of unhealthy cereals out there. I would highly recommend them and although they are aimed at kids I still love them!

Lidl Hot Cross Buns

Lidl is a shop that I can now shop at thanks to being able to drive to one in London now. Before this was not possible in busy central London and carting back a food shop on a crammed London bus was not something I fancied doing before. Lidl do amazing food for the price and their Hot Cross Buns are some of the best I’ve tasted.

Waitrose 1 Indian Ocean Dark Chocolate With Coconut

Wow, this chocolate is so creamy and contains coconut milk and coconut sugar. It’s a great plant-based option if you love that type of food. I just love the taste of it and it is now probably my favourite chocolate to buy because of the silky smooth texture. Really worth trying this one!

Daylesford Organic Raw Chocolate Mulberries

If you haven’t tried chocolate mulberries, then you really need to! They are organic mulberries rolled in raw dark chocolate and dusted with cacao. They are slightly healthier than a chocolate bar and the mulberries taste incredible – like a tart blueberry! They are perfect for nibbling on as a treat in the evening or weekend.

What are your favourites this month?


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