Self-Comparison And Why It’s Important To Take A Break

People often keep on going and push themselves when they are feeling run down… The conception of that place to fill in society where you are striving for success or the comparison to others becomes overwhelmingly significant. We are all guilty of feeling like this and so we all compare ourselves to others whether we think that or not.

I had to take some time off my blog recently to reflect and rest my mind and body. I hate taking time off my blog and I can’t actually remember the last time I didn’t write a blog post for a whole week. I felt somehow that my followers would dwindle and all my hard work writing previous blog posts would have gone to waste. Did I really need to worry? Well, probably not and if I was an outsider looking in I would have said “it’s fine to take a week off once in a while”.

Writing blog posts is not like a normal 9-5 schedule and although I also work as a violin teacher, the constant writing seems almost expected not from others but from my own pressure I put on myself. Sometimes it’s so important to reflect on the fact that this unnecessary pressure is causing stress that could be avoided. I’m not saying it’s bad to be ambitious but the odd week off writing a blog is acceptable and most of the time it gives readers to catch up on the latest blog posts anyway. I am often guilty of catching up on other bloggers’ posts sometime after they have published them. It’s not that I don’t enjoy reading them, but I like to read them when I can have time to properly absorb the words and write thoughtful comments to show my appreciation.

Whether you are a blogger too or have other commitments you put pressure on yourself to achieve, try to step back and think “is this pressure really necessary?”. Then you will see that it really isn’t. A lot of the time this “negative thinking” can cause us to create more problems than there are in life. Life can be more mindful and positive, we just have to find the beams of light. Natalie Leanne wrote a blog post on Living More Mindfully which I think you will enjoy reading. I love how she describes simple ways of living in a more positive mindset. I am all about the mindfulness at the moment and thinking with gratitude and less pressure on yourself really does help. Course, we are all going to have days when we feel rubbish and don’t want to talk to anyone. That is normal. Being less hard on ourselves though and living with a more positive mindset does really help.


Are you a believer in mindful thinking?


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