SourcedBox Review March 2018

The March SourcedBox was full of a mixture of sweet and savoury healthy treats. I really loved this box and I just love discovering new healthy snacks. I adore the packaging and whole experience you get too as the brands featured in SourcedBox are often really innovative with their marketing concepts. If you are yet to subscribe to SourcedBox and want to know more about the monthly snack subscription box then hopefully the review below will demonstrate an example of why I love it so much. This is not sponsored by the way and all my opinions are completely truthful.


Qnola | Almond & Vanilla Granola | The combination of slow roasted quinoa, seeds, almonds, cinnamon and vanilla is divine. It’s very light and perfect on top of yogurt.

Love Corn | Smoky Premium Roasted Corn Snack | The BBQ flavour on this roasted sweetcorn is really yummy and it is a great low sugar snack.

Raw Halo | Mylk + Crispies Chocolate | I’ve tried this before and it is really as good as it sounds. The buckwheat adds a healthy but delicious crunch – you have to try this!

The Food Doctor | Kale & Cashew Goodness Bar | Not for me I’m afraid as I found the mix of sweet and savoury not to my taste. I really wanted to like this as I love the Beetroot bar this brand does! I guess Kale is hard to please everyone with the balance of.

Innate | Butternut Squash Squares | Wow these were incredible! Low in sugar and super tasty!

Big Boss Palm | Toasted Coconut Soda | Again, I wanted to like this because the packaging is so cute! I just found it quite strong in vanilla but great if you love vanilla soda!

Press | Mighty Mango Slices | Probably the best dried mango I’ve had! The mango was so juicy and sweet so a big thumbs up.

SourcedBox | Orange Bites | I loved the original chocolate coated chickpeas SourcedBox made but these were incredible with the orange. A real standout!

Trek | Toffee Triumph Protein Energy Chunks | These protein bites are the perfect energy boost for hard busy days or post workout. They taste amazing too!

Brave | Roasted Peas | I love peas and the way that Brave had roasted these kept them tasting amazingly fresh and delicious.



SourcedBox | Orange Bites

Coated chickpeas are a new revelation to me. Not only are they rich in protein, they taste amazing! The orange chocolate coating SourcedBox put on these was delicious. I could eat these all day!


Innate | Butternut Squash Squares

I’m so excited you can buy these in shops like Ocado because they are so yummy! They are 100% natural and high in fibre so really good for you. The flavour of added onion, garlic, almonds, lemon and coconut was a winning combination for me!


Qnola | Almond & Vanilla Granola

I wasn’t expecting to love this as much as I did but this cereal was heavenly. It was so light and made the perfect evening dessert with yogurt. I particularly appreciated the cinnamon flavouring as I am obsessed with the taste of it.


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Have you tried SourcedBox?


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