Organising My Beauty

Organising and tidying can feel so satisfying. That feeling of neatness and space. Is anyone else like that? I just love organising my things, so they look more creative and are easier to find. It’s kind of like a form of meditation for me. I just love to organise things. It also makes me appreciate what I have and remember what I own.

The other week I decided to finally organise my makeup and beauty drawers which had been long overdue since our move last August! We found some great Ikea Draw Dividers and I was able to declutter and sort things into categories. I love how I can get to my beauty and makeup without hunting through numerous makeup bags and plastic bags. The draw dividers were such great value and so easy to assemble (if you can even call it assembling).

I’ve arranged my face items such as blusher, bronzer, foundation and contour together. I wanted to keep eye shadows in their own space so that’s one section. I’ve even got a new makeup products divider so that I remember which items I have yet to open or try. This is great for making sure you are up to date with use by dates. Did you know what makeup has an expiry date? Well the little pot symbol on the packaging symbolises the number of months once opened you should keep a makeup product for. Some skincare containing for example spf will not be as effective past the use by date. I must admit I wasn’t keen on getting rid of some powders as they were expensive to buy and I don’t have the money to repurchase an entire new array of makeup products but this has really taught me to make the most of my beauty and to not buy an excessive amount of products.

It is true we all buy more than we need. However, since Christmas when I reached a peak with my skincare particularly I have been gradually using up bits and saving a tonne of money using up miniatures instead of buying full sized versions of things. Let’s be honest, who has the time to go on numerous holidays that would entail using up lots of mini products? Not me. So, this little organisation process has taught me that it is great to appreciate what you have. I just love how easy and fun using my beauty products is now and after neatening up items and getting rid of / donating old or unused items I have actually freed up a bit of space also! Why not give it a go too?

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