Rude Health Cafe

Rude Health Cafe is becoming my favourite place to go for breakfast in London. The menu is a dream and the food and whole atmosphere is stunning there. One of my personal aims at the moment is to get out for breakfast more and the quiet but trendy ambiance there just really appeals to me. I just feel like this is my calm place and the staff are also so lovely.

There is not a vast array of menu options, but I prefer this as it is less daunting to decide on your order. I have tried all three porridge options now and although I am never able to finish them, I just love the generous toppings on them and presentation. My favourite porridge is the blueberry one which had blueberry compote and mascarpone. I have also tried the avocado and beetroot on sourdough toast and that was delicious too.

For drinks, I can highly recommend their turmeric lattes – the perfect hint of ginger and turmeric spice. I have also tried the beetroot latte which I had coconut milk with and that was also wonderful. Drinks I am yet to try there are the charcoal latte, spirulina latte, matcha latte and hot chocolate. Have you tried them? I just love how colourful and healthy the vibe is there, without losing that importance of taste.

If you are bored of sitting down in the peaceful booths, I thoroughly recommend browsing their little shop of their own brand of products. Rude health produce exceptional plant-based drinks and they also have a whole breakfast cereals and snack range. Their packaging is always eye catching and fun. I secretly love their kids range the best! I couldn’t recommend their products more. And of course, their plant-based milks are served in the cafe!

So, when you are next in London, why not check out this gorgeous spot followed by a tranquil walk along the river Thames. Have I convinced you yet?


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