SourcedBox Review April 2018

SourcedBox is a monthly healthy snack box subscription. Every month I get so excited discovering what is in the box of deliciousness. In April we were treated to lots of great items! I loved some items more than others but the whole idea of trying things I would not have necessarily have picked out myself is really cool. Some of the brands included are so innovative and this is why I just love discovering them via SourcedBox. I feel like the plant-based world of snacking put so much effort into their packaging and flavour that we really just can’t help but fall in love with their products. Without further ado, let’s see what I thought of the April box…



We Are Tea | Peppermint, English Breakfast and  Sencha Green Tea Trio | This brand packs so much flavour into their teas. I particularly loved having the Sencha tea in the SourcedBox as green tea can be so refreshing.

Pana Chocolate | Strawberry & Pistachio Raw Chocolate | Possibly my favourite chocolate brand ever. Their chocolate is so melt in the mouth and the flavours are delicious!

Ugly | Triple Berry Flavoured Sparkling Water | A great alternative to refined sugary drinks, with natural flavourings and no added sugar.

G B Chew | Zesty Lemon Spirulina Bar | I loved this as it was really fruity and sweet. Don’t be scared of the spirulina because this bar is so yummy! My boyfriend didn’t like it, but I did so maybe it’s an acquired taste!

The Pretty Smart Food Company | Rawcha Choc Chip & Coconut Organic Matcha Bar | Absolute heaven in a bar…and super healthy!

Naturya | Organic Cacao Superbar | Super yummy (even though it contains hemp which I hate the taste of). I can’t taste the hemp and it’s full of delicious cacao, chia seeds, mulberries, quinoa puffs and goji berries!

Peakz | Crunchy Chocolate Orange Squares | Crunchy bites of heaven.

Cheeky P’s | Curry Flavour Roasted Chickpeas | If you love curry flavour snacks these are for you. I loved having a different savoury option for my snack that I would not necessarily have tried.

Tanya’s Living | BBQ Spiced Nuts | Again, I wouldn’t have picked this myself, but this mix was tasty and filling.

Ape | Coconut & Rice Puffs Thai Chilli | I love Ape as a brand and these puffs were so yummy. Perfect for a healthier alternative and much more flavour in my opinion than other less healthy versions!



Choosing 3 this week was so hard as I genuinely had a shortlist of 5….


Pana Chocolate | Strawberry & Pistachio Raw Chocolate

I’m obsessed with this brand. My favourite flavour is their sour cherry & vanilla bar. You HAVE to try this chocolate. The raw cacao makes it better for you because the cacao contains more nutrients than its processed version cocoa.  Super creamy and delicious!


The Pretty Smart Food Company | Rawcha Choc Chip & Coconut Organic Matcha Bar

This bar is full of my favourite things… matcha powder, turmeric, cacao, coconut, baobab… it’s as if they read my mind and put all my favourite healthy gems into one bar! It’s also actually insanely delicious! You need to try this.


Peakz | Crunchy Chocolate Orange Squares

Oh wow, these are just incredible and taste just like dark chocolate orange coated shredded wheat bites! So crunchy and rich in flavour. This delicious snack also contains B12 and Iron and high in fibre.


This is not sponsored by the way and all my opinions are completely truthful.

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Have you tried SourcedBox?


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